Tokyo Style Massage Review

Tokyo Style is a high end outcall massage service in Japan. As you can probably guess they’re centered in Tokyo. They don’t have an incall location. Instead they send the chicks out to hotels and apartments. They cover the entire Tokyo Metro area.

Some business hotels in Tokyo actually don’t allow guests. But others are okay with it. Normal hotels usually don’t even notice if you have a woman in your room. There are also love hotels all over the place that can be rented by the hour. Tokyo Style is good at finding them when they need to. They send their therapists to wherever you are located.

Tokyo Style massage chicks

I like regular old fashioned sex as much as the next guy. But there are also times when I like to kick back and luxuriate. There’s something about being treated like a superstar that can really recharge your batteries. Especially if it ends with a release of the baby batter!

Tokyo Style is basically the most luxurious of all the foreigner friendly escort services in Japan. So anytime I am in Tokyo I make sure to book at least one session with them. I usually prefer to meet the chicks in a top end love hotel. Somehow that adds to the experience. I’m even more eager to visit the shop now that they have a Japanese porn star with big tits working there.

Foreigner friendly happy ending massage in Tokyo

When I first started going to Japan, I really had to work to find a prostitute that would take me as a foreigner. Back then dating Japanese chicks was actually easier than paying for sex! The options were basically limited to a handful of blowjob bars with old chicks. Or you could go to a soapland and hope they let you do a session with their least popular woman if you paid a premium.

These days there are a lot more places that accept gaijin. I’ve heard the new openness is caused by a fall in local customers, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Whatever the case may be, there are even places set up completely for foreigners in Tokyo now.

The truth is that most of the places open to foreigners aren’t that great. They tend to be on the lower end both in terms of service and of chicks. Then there’s the fact that a lot of places won’t send their top chicks to meet foreigners anyway. I’ve already seen a few shops that will only let foreigners book the bigger or uglier chicks, even though they don’t actually tell you that.

Making an appointment at Tokyo Style

Tokyo Style in a lot different from most other agencies in Tokyo. The website is set up in English. The people who answer the phone speak English. It’s all clear and totally open to foreigners. There are no hidden fees or anything either. What you see is what you get. What you get is a legal operation with pretty hot chicks who do good full body massages and happy endings.

japanese happy ending massage chicks

There are two types of service you can get at Tokyo Style: a standard course and a deluxe course. I think that’s a lot better than some of the places in Japan with super confusing systems and hundreds of options. The goal is to get a massage and blow a load, so why complicate things?

Services at Tokyo Style

The standard course comes with a shower and a handjob. The deluxe course gets you a sort of nuru body-to-body massage to kick things off. Then it ends with a blowjob that can with or without a condom depending on the chick. They tell you up front who uses a cover and who doesn’t.

The actual price depends on how long you want to go. A 75 minute standard course is 27,000 Yen. A deluxe course for the same time period is 35,000. The longer you want your massage to last, the more you will pay. They even have a six hour option for high rollers that really want to go at it. So you can spend as little as $251 American or as much as 1,116 bucks depending on what you’re looking for. I find the ninety minute deluxe course to be a great option.

Lesbian friendly massage

As Tokyo Style proudly states on their homepage, female customers are also welcome. They have a bunch of chicks who are lesbian friendly. That means they do the whole happy ending massage routine for women too. I am a man. But I can see where a woman would want to get the same kind of luxurious treatment and happy ending that guys enjoy. Why wouldn’t they?

female friendly happy ending tokyo

The cool thing is that the lesbian friendly chicks at Tokyo Style are also up couples! So if you’re a guy with a woman who wants to try sensual massage this is your place. In fact this is the best place to get an erotic couples massage in Tokyo. I once got a happy ending with my female friend in the room and it was amazing. I am planning to invite her for a trip to Tokyo to try out a couples happy ending massage soon.

What is Tokyo Style massage like?

When you book your appointment the people at Tokyo Style go over everything with you like place and time. You can pick a chick from their pictures or have them recommend one based on what you’re looking for. For example you can say you like big boobs. Or you like skinny women.

You pay the fee and sign an agreement with the rules right when the woman shows up. It’s all quick and easy to get out of the way. So it’s no obstacle to what is otherwise a great session.

In my experience, the chicks usually take off their dresses first. Then they come close and have you take off their bra and panties. Undressing a sexy Japanese chick is a great way to get things going.

Next they undress you and fold your clothes in true Japanese service fashion. You get washed together then you kick back and relax on the bed. If you opt for the top level service they even do body to body nuru massage in the shower or tub. I really love that. But even when you just get a quick scrub it is fine. Because you know the fun is coming.

tokyo nuru happy ending massage

You get a long lasting full body massage with your choice of aromatherapy with any session at Tokyo Style. The chick is naked the whole time, and you feel their tits and nipples on your back here and there which is always a nice touch. Especially since they usually have some really busty chicks on the roster.

Towards the end of your massage they have you flip over. Then they get into the happy ending aspect. Depending on what you pay for, you either get a handjob or a blowjob. Each chick has her own style. I’ve always liked the ones that get into sixty nine position so I can enjoy the view of their holes while I’m getting taken care of. But it’s all good no matter what way they work it. I mean these chicks are super sensual and real pros. In multiple sessions I’ve never had a bad experience at all.

The chicks at Tokyo Style don’t do full service. It’s not even a possibility. So I never both to even ask for it. But I don’t mind. In fact, I think it’s one reason they can get hotter and classier women to work for them. Plus a skilled handjob or blowjob done for an extended amount of time feels great. And there’s less worry involved with it. Especially since all the chicks at Tokyo Style are tested for STDs monthly.

Tokyo Style is not cheap. I wouldn’t expect them to be. We’re talking about a top level shop in Tokyo, which is an expensive place. Superior services come at superior prices, and I’m okay with that. Calling a chick from Tokyo Style over is still affordable, especially if you can afford a stay in Tokyo in the first place. I would repeat, and I do!

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