Sex toy mega-malls in Tokyo

Women shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to sex toys, but for the most part they do. Even if a guy has a Fleshlight, they are “supposed to” play with it when they’re all alone. Meanwhile, a lot of “sex positive” chicks, especially back in the West, now pull out high powered dildos during sex and tell you that they need them to get off.

Sex toys are actually illegal in most of Asia. You might not know that when you see 100 dildo vendors on Sukhimvit Road in Bangkok, but it’s true. In Japan though sex toys prosper. There’s no better place in the world to find them.

Japanese real doll

The Real Love Doll Yasuragi White Skin is like having a chick of your own without the cost or complaints.

There are sex toy shops selling porn DVDs, magazines, lubes and lots of ona holes in nearly every city in Japan. Even in Tokyo you can find these shops near almost every train station. Some are surprisingly good, like the Tenga flagship stores in Shibuya and Akihabara, but none can compare to the biggest and the best.

Love Merci

The multilevel Love Merci in Akihabara is the best sex toy shop in the world. The basement has all kinds of S&M stuff from leather panties to hardcore toys like huge dildos. I don’t want to meet the woman (or man!) who can take a tree sized rubber cock up the ass, but it’s a cool place to take a kinky Japanese chick. Two of the upstairs levels are off limits to women. There they sell a Walmart style variety of sex toys and sex dolls for men. I prefer matters of the flesh but I’ve tried some of the Japanese fuck sleeves and they are pretty awesome.

M’s Pop Life

If Love Merci is the best sex toy shop in the world, then M’s Pop Life is a close second. Since it’s a little smaller everything is more squeezed together, but they still have a ton of stuff. One floor holds all of the male sex toys and lube. Others have stuff like lingerie and porn. Thankfully they don’t waste much time on DVDs. They use most of the space for gadgets and gear. You can see a lot of couples and even solo chicks in M’s Pop Life wandering around and looking at dildos. They probably aren’t looking for sex, but I don’t know a better place to pick up a horny chick.


I also like Condomania in Harajuku (which coincidentally is a great part of Tokyo to go to if you wanna see Japanese chicks in cosplay outfits that range from weird to sexy). They have every kind of condom you could want or need, including the new Okamoto Zero One which are the thinnest condoms ever made, plus a bunch of really weird shit.


Of course it’s much easier for everyone else in the world to shop for Japanese sex toys online, from the comfort of their own bedrooms, and receive them in the mail a day or two later. That works better when you inevitably end up seeing some super hot porn box and popping a boner. At home you can just pull yourself off. That doesn’t go over so well in public!

Without a doubt the best website to shop for Japanese sex toys is Kanojo Toys. They have pretty much every Japanese sex toy ever made along with the all the accessories. I don’t know too many other places where you can order a Tenga Cup, used panties and breast milk flavored lubricant in one fell swoop.

J-List is another great online shop selling all kinds of Japanese sex toys. They have less of a variety than Kanojo Toys in terms of sex toys, but they also carry all kinds of other cool stuff from Japan like office lady themed porn magazines, bizarre comic books and green tea flavored Kit Kat bars.

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