Strip clubs in Tokyo

There is an almost unlimited supply of sex shops in Tokyo, Japan. Besides the pink salons, soaplands and oppai pubs there are also strip clubs but they aren’t like the titty bars in the USA.

Strip clubs in Tokyo open before noon. They have shows that take up blocks of time with 4 or 5 women performing one after another. You can show up any time but if it’s in the middle of a block of time you have to wait for the show to finish and a new one to start to see the first women in rotation.

Japanese prostitutes

You pay a cover charge at the door before entering a Japanese strip club. The cover is usually about 5000 Yen or so. Depending on the exchange rate that is somewhere around 50 dollars America. It sounds like a lot but it’s really not bad considering that it gives you a full pass to the place and you don’t tip inside. There are discounts for old guys, people who show up early and other things but I’m too lazy to work around those. Fifty bucks ain’t too bad.

After you pay the fee you can go inside and find a seat. There are rows of chairs around the stages. You just pick one and sit down in it. Then the show will start. Each woman does a performance of four or five songs. They start out with clothes on then change costumes and eventually strip down to nothing. It starts out very artistically but by the end they’re spreading their snatches wide open and spinning around to give everyone a nice good view of their slits and starfish.

After each girl performs they will come out on stage and ask if anyone wants to take pictures of them. If you want to take a pic or two you get in line. When it’s your turn you give them 500 Yen per picture and they give you a camera. You can tell them what kind of poses to make as you snap away to your heart’s content. After the show you can pick up prints of your perverted pictures outside. I got a nice collected of butthole shots this way that I keep with the baseball cards I collected as a kid.

The women change every few days. Some of them go back and forth between clubs. Some of them are former Japanese porn stars. I’ve seen some small names but never ran into anyone big like Maria Ozawa. If I did I would have blown my month’s salary on salacious snap shots. You can check the websites or bulletin boards of the strip clubs to see who is on schedule but I just show up and go with what’s there. I’ve never been disappointed.

I hear that you used to be able to get sucked or jerked off on stage by some of the performers on stage after their shows but this must have been before my time because I’ve never run into anything like this in real life. I’ve only hear about it and seen fictional renditions in Japanese pornos.

There’s no bar or anything like that in the Tokyo strip clubs but they always have vending machines with hot and cold drinks. Some beer is usually available in these machines. I just follow the seventy year old Japanese guys and bring my own drinks in from outside.

Some of the best strip clubs in Tokyo are DX Kabukicho in Kabukicho, TS Music in Kabukicho, Shinjuku New Art in Kabukicho, Ueno Theater in Ueno and Dogenzaka Theater in Shibuya. Foreigners are welcome in all of these places but the websites are in Japanese and the people that work in the clubs don’t speak much English. I don’t speak more than a few phrases of Japanese but I’ve always been able to have a good time.

There are some strip clubs modeled more on the Western style in Roppongi like Confidential but in my opinion they’re pretty shit. I’d rather spend my time and Yen elsewhere.

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