The best and worst things about Japanese chicks

What are the best and worst things about Japanese chicks? By my count something like a hundred Japanese women have made me have an orgasm in one way or another. I’ve also spent a lot of time in Japan and gone on plenty of dates. So while I might not be the leading expert on Japanese women in the world, I do have something to go on.

I speak from the perspective of a habitual world traveler who spends a lot of time in Asia. One of my main interests in life is having sex, as you could probably tell simply from looking at this site. I do have female friends that I don’t fuck. But I have also banged many of my female friends. Quite a few of them were Japanese too.

Of course there are differences in people in any country or group. Japanese chicks don’t pour out of some factory all ingrained with the exact same way of acting. You can find everything from loners to stoners to cheerleaders and bleach blond bimbos in Japan. But there are some generalities that can apply, at least in my experience.

The worst things about Japanese chicks

Japanese women definitely aren’t perfect. No one is. But there are some negatives I often see with Japanese chicks. I’m the kind of guy who likes to get the bad news out of the way first. So I’ll tell you the worst things about Japanese chicks before I get into all the good they have to offer guys like me and you.

The worst things about Japanese girls are:

  • They work too much
  • They’re difficult to meet
  • They usually don’t speak English
  • They’re not great at sex

The first bad thing about Japanese chicks is that they work too much. Sure there are the unemployed chicks and the bimbos who work guys for money. But the average Japanese woman goes to work for a living, and she spends an inordinate amount of time there. So even if you get a Japanese girlfriend or fuck buddy, you have to struggle to actually meet them. They have very little free time because they spend most of their lives slaving away for some shitty company.

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Partly because Japanese chicks work so much, they are difficult to meet. There are other reasons too, including the language barrier and widespread fear of foreigners. You can definitely meet Japanese women through online dating and to a lesser extent Tinder. But you’d better have a lot of time to put in. Even if a chick likes you she might send one message a day. And maybe if you’re lucky she’ll have time to meet you the Sunday after next.

The language barrier also comes into play when dealing with Japanese women. Although they have to study English in school, most Japanese people either don’t or won’t speak the language. Japanese people living in Japan don’t have to learn English. But for guys like me who only visit time to time, the language barrier can get in the way. My Japanese has gotten better over time. But I still deal with this issue at times when I am trying to seal the deal.

Finally there’s the sex thing. In spite of everything, it can actually be pretty easy to hookup with a Japanese chick. Then there are the prostitutes in Japan. But although there’s plenty of sex going on, Japanese chicks by and large just aren’t that great at sex. There are exceptions, but a lot of Japanese women just lay there and moan. I’ve been sucked off by lots of Japanese women. Very few of them were even moderately good at sucking dick. Maybe they can’t learn from porn because all the dicks are blurred out. Who knows?

The best things about Japanese chicks

Now that we’ve gotten the negatives out of the way, I can list all of the positives. There are definitely many. There is a reason so many guys from all around the world are into Japanese chicks. And it’s not only because of the influence of Japanese porn, even if that does have at least a little to do with it.

The best things about Japanese women are:

  • Their sexual openness
  • Their fashion and hygiene
  • Their independence
  • Their ability to travel

It can be a struggle meeting Japanese chicks through routes like online dating that are pretty easy in some other countries. But a great thing about Japanese chicks is that so many of them are sexually open. There were many times I met Japanese chicks online who were clear that they just wanted to hook up for a casual fuck. So we scheduled a time, met at a train station, then went to a love hotel and had sex.

In bed Japanese chicks are up for a lot of stuff too. I have found more chicks willing to do out of the ordinary stuff in Japan than almost anywhere else. One Japanese fuck buddy hired an escort to join us in bed for a threesome. Another passed on my info to her friend who wanted to try sex with a foreigner. Later we all got together for a threesome. I’ve done quite a few Japanese chicks up the butt too.

Anal can feel great but you want to make sure you do it with a woman who is clean back there. Thankfully most all Japanese women I’ve been with had impeccable hygiene. They were all fashionable too. So when they show up to meet they usually look good. That’s true under their clothes too. Japanese chicks usually wear sexy bras and panties under their clothes, even when they don’t plan to fuck. Now that’s what I call respecting your body!

The next great thing about Japanese chicks is their independence. Dealing with Asian chicks in other parts of the continent can be tough. Even adult women can live with their parents and more or less be under their control. Then there’s the money thing. I’ve dating university graduates with what locals consider good jobs in parts of Asia who couldn’t afford to order a cappuccino. Japanese chicks tend to work a lot. But they can also pay their own way and make their own decisions.

That applies to travel too. It helps that the Japanese passport is one of the strongest in the world. Do you want to take a trip to Europe with that sexy Vietnamese chick you met in Hanoi? Good luck getting her a visa! How about having that twenty year old Filipina you love fucking come visit you in the States? You’ll probably have to marry her if you ever want to bring her to America. Even then you’ll wait over a year. But Japanese chicks can jump on a plane and go pretty much anywhere without a problem. I’ve already had Japanese friends, fuck buddies and girlfriends come visit me in various parts of the world. There is something to be said about that!

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