Weird prostitution in Japan

There are some very weird things about prostitution in Japan. Even after spending lots of time there and meeting tons of Japanese sex workers I still can’t get over how utterly odd some of the stuff that goes on can be. The most bizarre aspect of it all is how normal it seems to everyone involved in the action. But as an outsider I can still see all the peculiarities. Especially since I’ve been around the world and back.

Don’t think I am being judgemental here. I am just calling it like I see it. And you would too. No matter if you call it prostitution or sex work. Or whether you are for it or against it. You could be the most open minded person in the world. Or the biggest prude. Still you have to recognize that there are some strange things about paid sex in Japan.

No paying for pussy

The first strange aspect of prostitution in Japan is that it is actually outlawed. Well, to be more precise the specific wording of the law prohibits the exchange of cash for vaginal penetration. So women can’t technically take money to let guys fuck their pussies in Japan. But that is where the law ends. It makes no mention of kissing, hand jobs, foot jobs, tit jobs, blowjobs or even anal sex.

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So that is why you can find pink salons all over Japan that openly advertise offers of blowjobs for money. Or oppai pubs where you can pay to play with tits as long as you pay. It is also why you can find listings on delivery health escort sites with women saying they do “AF” or anal fucking for extra money. According to the law in Japan that it is all totally fine.

Pussy is provided in soaplands

Remember how I said paying for dick-in-pussy sex in Japan is not allowed? Well it isn’t. Except that in the hundreds of soaplands in Japan it is not only allowed but also expected. That is right. In these soaplands full service sex is a standard part of the service given to practically every customer. Why is this?

I can’t claim to know the real reason. I have heard two arguments for this repeated over the years. The first is that the soaplands have been around so long that they don’t have to follow the rules that came later. This is a version of the grandfather clause though I am not confident it is true. The second argument I have heard rings more true to my ears. That is that guys actually pay for bathing service at soaplands. So whatever the women do inside the rooms is up to them. I think this might be right because at some soaplands they ask for a bathing fee up front then another fee to be paid directly to the women in the room.

Of course it could also be that these places are simply ignoring whatever rules are actually in place. I mean, there are plenty of prostitutes that offer full service in Japan. Sometimes openly. Especially the ones who advertise in English and work almost exclusively with foreign guys. So maybe they just know people or are behind so many walls and doors that the figure it is no big deal. I pay attention to Japanese news and I have never heard of anyone getting busted for fucking in a soapland. But I have heard of escorts getting in trouble for fucking customers and of customers getting in trouble for asking escorts for vaginal sex.

Censorship in Japanese porn, sort of

While porn is not really prostitution it is a sort of sex work. So this is related and helps describe the overall situation in Japan. Of course I am talking about the totally strange and selective censorship in Japanese porn. You are probably aware of this already.

Porn is totally legal in Japan and in many ways less restrictive than almost any other country in the world. Especially Australia. But according to local standards all porn released for Japanese audiences must be censored.

That is already odd. People can really fuck but can’t really show it. But what is odder still is how selective the censorship is. All penises and vaginas are blocked or blurred out. But that is it. So you can see all the anuses you want in Japanese porn. You can also watch gallons of jizz fly out of blurry Japanese cocks onto faces, tits and bung holes. They even have movies with chicks getting shit on. No blurs required!

It’s a weird world we live in. You have countries like Thailand and South Korea that ban porn even though they have tens of thousands of active prostitutes. Then you have America where freedom of speech protects porn but guys get arrested for the crime of paying for a happy ending. Finally you end up at Japan where both porn and prostitution are allowed but only in certain forms. I guess something is better than nothing. As for me, I find it all entertaining.

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