Where to buy Japanese sex toys

Japan has a giant prostitution industry that generates millions of dollars. The porn industry and affiliated sex toy industry are even bigger still. Who knows how many millions this generates? What I do know is that there is an incredibly wide variety of sex toys available in Japan that beat anything you can find anywhere else in the world.

Besides all sorts of vibrators and dildos that take on all kinds of shapes and sizes there are also more sex toys for men than a guy can go through in a lifetime. There are full size sex dolls that look pretty damn real, an incredibly wide variety of pocket pussies and even cheap one time use “ona cups” with their own lube inside. You just pop them open, bang them, then throw them away. I guess that’s convenient for a quick go on your lunch break if you’re a overworked salaryman.

Where to buy Japanese sex toys

There are lots of places to buy sex toys in Japan, including vending machines. The best places for foreigners to check out the vast array of “marital aids” available in the land of the rising sun are the massive sex toy shops in Tokyo.

Japanese oppai toy

Some of them are bigger than apartment buildings and have several floors. You can walk around and check out everything available in peace. Besides all the interesting packaging they also have floor samples of many products out that you can play with (using your hands of course, sticking your boner in one on the sales floor would be frowned upon). There are shops in almost every town and part of Tokyo. I’ve ever found them in tiny little towns way on the outskirts.

Sex toy super stores

The best and biggest shops that I know of in Tokyo are M’s Pop Life and Love Merci. They are both located in Akihabara which is a cool place to visit once or twice anyway since it’s home to many of the weird things in Japan that have gained notoriety around the world. As an added bonus there are also cute Japanese women dressed as sexy maids standing on many street corners promoting maid cafes.

You can also find a lot of sex toys at the numerous Don Quijote variety stores around Tokyo (which locals call “Don Ki”). There’s one in Akihabara, another in the Kabukicho red light district and several more. They sell all sorts of weird shit but the adult corner is the best feature for me. It’s located in the middle of the floor which means you can be checking out a bottle of Coca Cola themed lube while a lady an arm’s reach away looks at blenders. Because the dildos, DVDs and plastic pussies are all close together (as opposed to the huge shops which separate these things) you sometimes find yourself elbow to elbow with Japanese women who are shopping for the latest battery powered clit tickler. It’s not a great place to make a pick up but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Online stores

What can people in other parts of the world do? If going to Japan is completely out of the question the next best bet is to do some shopping online. This used to be difficult and require some Japanese skills. I had a friend help me get a Tenga through the mail years ago before anyone in the States knew what it was. Now there are whole websites run by English speakers that specialize in selling Japanese sex toys to the masses around the globe.

I know of a few and there may even be more. J-List sells all kinds of Japanese products and their website includes a large adult section that’s worth looking at. Toy Demon is an online store dedicated to selling nothing but Japanese sex toys and related products like Japanese porn. They started small a few years ago but now they have a huge selection and things like helpful user reviews.

The biggest site is probably Kanojo Toys. Their prices can be a little higher than you might find elsewhere but they have an incredibly wide variety of toys and accessories. They may even have more products than the big adult super stores I mentioned earlier. I’ve seen all kinds of interesting and plain weird products on their website that I haven’t seen anywhere else even though I’ve spent hours exploring toy shops in Tokyo.

If you’re idea of a male sex toy is limited to the Fleshlight you’re in for a big surprise when you check out what the Japanese have come up with. In the future I’ll talk about some of the better toys available in much more detail.

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