Where to find casual sex online in Tokyo

In some respects Japan is a pretty progressive country. Marriage rates have declined so much that the government has stepped in to coerce the public into getting hitched and cranking out kids. At the same time casual sex is common place, especially in big cities like Tokyo. The capital city has all the liberal attitudes about sex that you might expect in a city like New York or San Francisco but things are even better because there’s no burden or guilt carried over from religious ideas implanted into people when they are young. So it’s not hard to find sex online in Tokyo.

I can only string a phrase or two together in Japan but it has never stopped from me scoring lots of casual sex in Tokyo. While the art of picking up random strangers (referred to as nanpa) is common for locals and a few transplants with a good grasp of the language, I’ve found that it’s a lot easier for me to find girls to fuck on the internet.

Dating sites

Dating sites can be good places to meet women. Some are better than others. I have only had a little luck with Date in Asia and World Friends in Tokyo. But OK Cupid has been pretty good. Plenty of Fish is worthless for finding Japanese girls in my experience. Sometimes the women I meet from dating sites will want to date but many times it only takes a short stop out at a cafe or restaurant to move on to something else. There are many ways to make the transition and I will have to write a new post about that. What I can say now is that my transition rate from first date to first fuck is higher in Tokyo than almost anywhere else I’ve been.

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Because there’s so much available prostitution in Japan I can’t really be bothered even dealing with short stops in cafes anymore. I don’t have time for that and the chance of striking out that comes with it when I can just break out thirty bucks and get a guaranteed no quit no spit bareback blowjob at a pink salon. So to limit the amount of time I spend I have taken to simply being up front with what I want.

That means telling a woman in the second or third message that I am looking for casual sex. My success rate with this is less than 10 percent but that’s still higher than my success rate for the same tactic in most other countries. If I contact ten or twelve women a day and fuck one of them within a week that ain’t half bad.

Bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are also good places to meet women. From what my friends tell me there are lots of websites that can be very good for Japanese guys and even gaijin who can read and write Japanese. None of that applies to me but I’ve had a good deal of success using more Western oriented message boards. I randomly bumped into a few small ones that worked but I’ve even done well on more famous websites like Craigslist.

Simply posting straight forward messages in places like the casual encounters section of Tokyo Craigslist scored me lots of sex in the past. That’s gone. But now there is Locanto, which is almost as good. I’ve found that being honest and including a regular clothed full body picture has been the best. I just say that I’m looking for some no strings attached sex. I’ll usually get five to ten responses. From that I’m able to meet one or two women. I haven’t met any supermodels but I have had some good action. It’s almost always a one and done deal.

Last year I met a 30 year old Japanese woman who was married to a guy who couldn’t get his cock hard. He liked it when she went out and fucked other guys while he was hard at work putting in long hours as a salary man during the day. I met her daily for two weeks and had fantastic sex. I fucked her in every position I could think of and on the last day I busted a nut on her face and took a picture of it with her phone so she could send a picture of her pretending to be a glazed doughnut to her hubbie. Who says romance is dead?

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