Where to meet Japanese chicks online

Japan is one of the ten biggest countries on earth. Half of the population is female. And a lot of those females are really hot. So you have a big pool to choose from when it comes to meeting chicks in Japan. Especially if you add on all the Thai, Chinese, and other foreign chicks who are coming into the country.

But where are you going to meet women? You can go the nightclub route, but even in a big city like Tokyo you start seeing the same faces all the time. A lot of chicks in Japan don’t party in the way you might expect if you’re coming from the West.

You could also try to pick up chicks on the streets. Some Japanese dudes are masters at this. They call in nanpa. Apparently even that is wearing old though, as a lot of the dudes that approach chicks randomly are recruiters rather than romantics. Plus, you’re not going to have success unless you can speak Japanese.

Going online is the obvious choice. But Tinder pretty much sucks in Japan. Chicks work too much or are too busy to bother with it. Even if they do spend time swiping, they rarely want to actually meet anyone. Maybe they can’t be blamed, considering the kinds of guys they might find. But there are alternatives.

A Japanese relationship forum

Message boards are popular in Japan, especially for dating. There are some big sites set up just for people to meet each other. But again, they’re not going to be accessible to you unless you can speak Japanese. Thankfully, there is one site that works in English. People can still post in Japanese there, and some do. But you can fully navigate without knowing one word of Japanese.

The site I am talking about is called Tomodachi Japan. It is so easy to use that I shouldn’t have to explain much. As soon as you look at the site, you know what to do.

Japan nightlife

People make posts explaining what they are looking for. At the top of the post you can see their sex, age, location and nationality. If you want to contact them, you just use the info in the post. Usually they put some kind of app contact. It can be Line, Whatsapp, Wechat, Kakaotalk or something else. You can also make a post yourself.

There are a lot of posts from women on Tomodachi, with new stuff added all the time. You can find friends, girlfriends, one night stands or professionals. They’re usually pretty upfront about what they’re looking for too. So you don’t have to play a lot of games.

Forget Craigslist personals

Tomodachi Japan kind of reminds me of the old Craigslist personals. People can quickly jump on and make a post getting right to the point. So you can look at a single page and see all kinds of posts. You’re time is really maximized.

In some ways, Tomodachi might actually be better than Craigslist ever was though. I mean, you’re not going to find a used refrigerator there or anything like that. But you can easily search through all the listings to find exactly the kind of people you are looking for.

The search option at the top of the screen lets you narrow down results by sex, nationality, region and method of communication. Looking for Thai chicks in Tokyo who use Line? Just select those options and you’ll find what you’re seeking. (I found nine, just in case you’re wondering.)

When I am in Japan I usually want to meet Japanese women. No problem there, because that is mainly what you find on Tomodachi Japan. Still it is nice to have a lot of options. It is even nicer to be able to browse through the options with a solid search system. Technology is great.

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