Can you have sex with prostitutes in Tokyo?

Can you actually pay prostitutes for sex in Tokyo? As strange as it might seem, this is a real question that a lot of guys ask. Some gaijin get confused about what they see and hear and wonder if they can actually stick their penis in a hooker’s pussy in Japan. I am here to answer that question once and for all.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of sex going down in Tokyo every day. Forget about the strip shows and swingers clubs. Wikipedia says the sex industry in Japan is a $24 billion dollar a year industry. With one of every ten Japanese people living in Tokyo, you can bet that a lot of that money is spent on prostitution there.

The population of Tokyo is more than double the entire population of Laos. Tokyo is a huge city and it seems that you can find some sort of sex related business in every neighborhood. In some areas like Ikebukuro and Shibuya, you might find a hundred or more shops offering some kind of sexual service or another.

What do Japanese prostitutes do?

But does “sexual service” actually involve real sex? Americans might remember when Bill Clinton said he never had sex with Monica Lewinski. Later it turned out that he got a blowjob from her. Is a BJ sex? Well, it’s oral sex. But it’s not vaginal sex, or “full service” as its often called in the pay for play world.

The funny thing is that Japan is actually a little like the United States when it comes to prostitution. Paying for sexual intercourse is illegal in most cases and places in America, but there are exceptions like the legal brothels in Nevada. Then there are all the hookers that do it off the books even when it’s not really allowed. Well, paying for vaginal intercourse is illegal in most cases and places in Japan too. But there are some places where it is allowed or done in private regardless.

how Japanese girls look

Japan is a famously law abiding country. But people being people tend to find ways around the laws. In Japan that means people in the paid sex game have looked at the exact wording of the rules and then adjusted accordingly. That’s why you can see buttholes, tits and sperm in Japanese porn even though dicks and pussies are blurred out. It’s also why you can walk into any number of blowjob bars in Tokyo and get your cock sucked for 3000 Yen without worrying about running afoul of the law.

The laws of Japan don’t allow women to charge for vaginal intercourse. That is how prostitution is defined and prohibited. So many Japanese women can and do charge guys for handjobs, blowjobs, or even anal sex without any problem. In fact these are the most common services you get in Japan, even if you call up an escort. But you can only really get actually vaginal intercourse in three specific ways.

How to get full service in Tokyo

There are basically three avenues for getting full service from a prostitute in Japan. The first is to go to a soapland. These places have ways to do full service without running into trouble with the law. They’re basically the only legit full service places in Tokyo. It used to be kind of hard to get into a soapland as a foreigner. But now there are actually gaijin friendly soaplands and even a couple of soaplands like Paradise Kawasaki set up specifically for foreigners.

The second way to get full service in Tokyo is to find an escort who breaks the rules. Obviously this is not an above ground totally legal option. But it does go on in private, even with some Japanese guys. Basically you call up one of the delivery health chicks in Tokyo. Then in the room she might offer you vaginal sex for a tip. Sometimes the shop has chicks listed as doing “AF” or anal fucking, when really the girl wants to do regular sex instead when she gets to the room. This can be a kind of dangerous route though. Even if you don’t care that you’re breaking the official rules, most shops don’t allow the chicks to do regular sex because they worry about getting shut down. And so guys can get banned from a shop or maybe worse even by asking a Japanese escort to stick it in the tunnel of love.

The third and final way to find full service in Tokyo is to go the old underground route. Anyone who has paid for sex in one of the many countries where prostitution is outlawed will already know how this goes. There are some street walkers in Tokyo. More common though are the western style escort service and independent escorts who advertise online. They usually post everything in English and a lot of times they even have foreign chicks. A lot of times these are basically just outcall hookers who target foreign guys in Japan looking to pay for sex.

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