Freelance prostitutes in Vientiane

Vientiane, Laos, isn’t the easiest place to buy pussy by any means but it’s not difficult to find either. The country is small and quiet and the town is even smaller. It’s hard to tell you are in a capital city. You can walk most of the main area if you aren’t lazy though it can get you sweating in the hottest months. Prostitution is illegal but it still goes on. Laws haven’t been able to stop the flesh trade for thousands of years but it doesn’t stop people in power from trying.

There aren’t any beer bars, hostess bars or go go bars in Laos. There are many massage parlors and the women in some of them sometimes give happy endings but it’s not guaranteed and the places aren’t geared for that. There are also some KTV karaoke places where local and other Asian guys go to find women. They’re open to foreigners too but not worth the effort in my opinion.

Asian sex Laos

So what does that leave for foreigners looking for a fuck? Besides dating which is a long and complicated process in sleepy little Laos some of the only full on action comes in the form of freelancers.

The main place foreign guys meet freelancers is a bar called Bor Pennyang. Every tuk tuk driver knows it though they’ll charge you way too much to take you there unless you know the right fare and negotiate on it in advance. Even locals can get ripped off though so don’t be surprised if you’re asked for more from the tuk tuk than the taxi charged you to bring to the city from the airport.

Bor Pennyang

So here’s my review of Bor Pennyang (also spelled Bor Pen Yang). It isn’t your typical sexpat hang out. It’s basically a regular bar that serves food and drinks. A lot of hippies on the tourist trail end up chugging beers there when they are in town. Some regular locals also come in to have a bite or a drink. Mixed among the crowd are a handful of freelance prostitutes that fuck foreigners for cash either as a full time or part time job.

The hookers aren’t aggressive in the least. It can even take a little time to locate them. Some are dressed provocatively (for Laos, they wouldn’t get a second glance in New York or Tokyo) but usually the sexier their clothes the better the chance is that they are a ladyboy. There don’t seem to be too many ladyboys around but there are some. They’re easy to identify though as they were obviously born men. No glamorous Thai ladyboys here.

Even when you identify a freelancer at Bor Pennyang you have to get her attention by smiling, going up and talking to her or doing something else. Then you need to talk to her and possibly buy her a drink. After that you need to talk to her about moving on. Often they’ll want to hang out somewhere else like one of the few clubs in town or hit a restaurant before they fully commit. Even then things aren’t necessarily guaranteed. Frankly it’s a lot of work for a paid fuck.

Other places

There are a few other places where freelancers show their faces from time to time but they’re even smaller and more hit or miss. I’ve run into working women at┬áSamlo Pub and around the big water fountain in the middle of town. The latter were on motorbikes and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them had a cock.

The action only lasts a few hours and it’s confined to a few places. Even Bor Pennyang closes at midnight. Like I said, it’s a small, sleepy town.


I’ve read and heard that there is a law in Laos that forbids Laotian ladies from sleeping in a room with a foreigner unless they are married to him. That’s the law next door in Vietnam too. It seems better enforced in Vietnam. You can get around it there with a little maneuvering. In Laos you don’t even need to get around it, at least at the moment. Every hotel I stayed at in Laos simply turned their head when I showed up with a lady. People say there were problems long ago. I haven’t had any. That’s not to say that I couldn’t. Just that I haven’t so far.

Bringing two or more ladies to your room might be a different story. Even trying different ladies on different days can be a hassle. It’s a small town, most of the women know each other and showing up at Bor Pennyang more than once makes you something like a regular. Massage parlors offer easier action for less hassle but there won’t be any girlfriend experience with someone who doesn’t speak more than five words of your language.

With freelancers everything is variable. The asking rate isn’t much of an asking rate at all since a lot of the ladies are even too shy to discuss prices. Anything between 50 and 100 US dollars is definitely fair and usually accepted without another mention but you never know what’s around the corner when you’re picking up prostitutes in a third world country. Such is life.

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