Happy Ending Massage in Vientiane

I’ve already told you about freelance prostitutes in Vientiane but sometimes it seems like too much work finding a compatible freelancer and taking her to a guest friendly hotel. Thankfully there are enough places around town offering happy ending massages even though they can’t do it openly like oily massage parlors in Bangkok.

There are a lot of small massage parlors around the areas that tourists visit most. That means down by the waterfront, around the fountain, around big hotels and in some of the side streets where backpackers hunt out cheap guesthouses and food. There’s really no need to name these places because they change and so do the women that work in them. I don’t think any of them offer happy ending massages as a matter of policy and the owners might even be against the practice fearing that it could harm their business. A lot of the women working in these places are hip to foreign visitors and eager to supplement their tiny monthly incomes though. That’s probably the source of offers for “special massage” after the back has been thoroughly rubbed. They don’t always come but they are pretty common. My favorite is when the woman doesn’t even ask but just responds to an obvious arousal and goes to work.

Sexy laos girl

Hand job happy endings are pretty common at small massage parlors in many countries around the world. In Vientiane many go beyond that. It’s not totally uncommon for some head or even a full poke to be offered even in a little massage parlor with nothing more than a thin curtain separating one guest from another. Everything is hush hush of course. Well maybe not that one time when the lady called in two of her coworkers to look at my hard on, but that was an exception to the rule.

The tip is sometimes discussed up front or even during the services but other times whatever reasonable gift given after the act is accepted. The going rate is anywhere between 50,000 and 150,000 Kip which is equal to 6-18 dollars American. Even with the small massage fee this is pretty damn reasonable. It seems that if negotiations are done in Thai Baht or US dollars more is asked for. Don’t ask me why this is, I’m not Forex expert.

Some other cities where tourists turn up have many massage parlors that also offer the same kinds of services but the prices are either lower or higher depending on supply and demand I guess.

There are a few “high class” massage parlors with attractive Vietnamese workers in Vientiane that offer an even higher level of service that offers a soak and a steam along with full service. They are usually tucked away or attached to other enterprises. The massage are slightly more expensive than those at the small shops and the expected tip can be as high as 50 dollars American but it still seems reasonable to me when I consider everything. There’s a nice massage parlor at the Vientiane Plaza Hotel that fits this mold.

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