Are Malaysian women really conservative?

How conservative are Malaysian women? Lots of guys go there and enjoy the nightlife. Sure it is a Muslim majority country. But so Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country on earth. And there’s plenty of fun, sex and partying going on there every night of the week. So what is the reality? Well, it is not exactly clear cut.

One the one hand you are talking about a country that is home to lots of sex saunas filled with prostitutes. On the other hand we’re talking about a country where lesbians get cained and religious extremists shut down a beer festival because they think drinking alcohol is a sin.

Still, this is a question that can be answered. I’ve been to Malaysia. I’ve had lots of sex there. I’ve watched lots of Malaysian porn too. But I also realize I am an outsider and stranger when I am in Malaysia. Like when I go to a place that serves alcohol and realize there are no local Malay women inside. Or when I see a brown skinned tourist asked for her foreign ID so she can order a drink. Another really noticeable thing is the lack of local women on dating apps like Tinder.

What is a Malaysian?

First we have to define what we mean by Malaysian women. Malaysia is a country. Citizens of that country are called Malaysians. But that only tell us about nationality. Inside Malaysia there are Malay people, Chinese people and Indian people. Plus some other small populations. Now I am not one to stereotype but I can make some general observations. These will come to no surprise to people with experience in the region.

Kl night life

Chinese people might have their superstitions and supernatural beliefs but they are by and large not against things like parties, alcohol or prostitution. So a lot of this stuff is centered in cities like Kuala Lumpur where most of the Chinese people live. Indian people might be more outwardly conservative. But then you have all the Indian brothels in Kuala Lumpur. Plus lots of Indian guys from Malaysia hit the brothels, sex clubs and even go to neighboring countries like the Philippines to look for women.

Finally there is the Malay majority. Most of them are pretty strict religious observers. But even if they’re not they can be subject to all kinds of social rules like the one against women drinking. Their national ID cards are even marked “Islam” to let everyone know.

How conservative are Malaysians?

But it’s definitely not all about religion. About 61 percent of Malaysians are Muslim. About 87 percent of Indonesians are. Yet there is clearly more “adult fun” going on over in Indonesia than there is in Malaysia. So there is a lot more at play including local cultural attitudes.

Malay women aren’t usually going to go on dating sites or hang around with foreign guys where they can be seen by the wider popular and judged. For whatever reason most guys in Indonesia or even the southern Philippines don’t care as much about this. So it’s more free there in that regard.

Since Malay women aren’t really allowed to drink you don’t see them in the clubs either. But you can see local people of Chinese or Indonesian heritage there. And they are of course Malaysian women too!

I have actually seen a couple of Malay chicks in some of the sex saunas though. I’ve even seen a few Malay women doing porn at Asian Sex Diary! Maybe they snuck in and out through the back doors without the population at large getting wind of it. Or maybe they belong to the smaller indigenous groups of Bumiputras who follow other religions like Chrisitianity. Or maybe they are just breaking the rules to make money. I couldn’t tell you for sure.

What I can tell you is that despite everything there is still plenty of adult entertainment in Malaysia. There are lots of prostitutes and lots of local guys going to prostitutes. You better believe that people all over the country are having sex with each other too. No matter what anyone says or tries the human urge to fuck and be fucked can not be eliminated from this earth. I am thankful for that, and you should be too!

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