Review of the Thai Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Thai Club in Kuala Lumpur is a well known place to meet ladies of the night. It’s probably the second biggest freelancer spot in the entire country. The first would of course be The Beach Club, which is just a short walk away.

I wrote a review of The Beach Club years ago. It’s still accurate. Not much has changed over there. And not much has changed at the Thai Club either. The Thai Club is basically just a more upmarket version of The Beach Club.

Like I’ve said before, Malaysia is conservative and they have some restrictive rules. But it’s not at the level of Saudi Arabia. At least not yet and not in Kuala Lumpur. Chinese influence might have something to do with that. The almighty dollar probably has more to do with it though.

The Thai Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Thai Club is located at the corner of Jalan P Ramlee and Jalan Perak. It’s about a five minute walk from The Beach Club. A lot of good girl friendly hotels like the Shangri-La are just as close. The famous Petronas Twin Towers aren’t far away either. So it’s basically right in the middle of the city.

Vietnamese whore mouth for fucking

If you have ever been to The Beach Club, then there’s a pretty good chance you also saw The Thai Club. They’re really close to each other. And they both make enough noise to stand out in what is otherwise a pretty quiet major city at night. But The Beach Club is more open to the street. Thai Club is a little more discreet.

Inside, it’s pretty much the same. There’s a band or a DJ. And there are lots of chicks from Vietnam roaming around looking for guys to latch onto. There are some other women around too, but the Vietnamese chicks are definitely in the majority even though the place is called The Thai Club.

Women at the Thai Club

The main thing that stands out about the Thai Club and Bistro is that the chicks expect a lot more from the guys. That’s kind of funny. There are already some snooty broads over at the Beach Club who ask for way too much money. So how could chicks be any more demanding? Well, at The Thai Club some of the hottest Vietnamese chicks actually want money or “tips” just to stand next to you. And no I am not making that up.

Maybe they used to work at the old hostess bars in Ho Chi Minh City or something. Because back in the day, they expected you to tip for their company too. A few places around still do in fact. And other places like Tanabata just formalized it all into charging a “sitting fee” or something like that.

This idea isn’t alien to Asia. And it’s not necessarily a rip off aimed at foreigners either. This is the same practiced followed at karaoke clubs or “KTVs” which are all the rage across the continent. So the chicks aren’t totally out of school when they ask for money. Especially since a lot Asian customers apparently give it to them. But I don’t. I’m not that desperate.

Most of the chicks are willing to put in work for their money too though. They ask for several hundred Ringgit for short time. So they’re not all that different from the chicks at The Beach Club there. But there are some who want a lot more than that. And there are those who won’t even talk about going anywhere else unless they find a guy to buy them drinks and pay for their company first. Welcome to Asia.

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