Fashion shows in Myanmar

Myanmar is a unique country. It’s named after the Burmese but a lot of other kinds of people live there. It’s in Southeast Asia but not much like the other ASEAN countries. Plus the guys wear skirts and spit red chew out on the sidewalks and streets.

The sex game in Myanmar is different too. Of course it exists. It exists almost everywhere but especially in Southeast Asia. But there are no oily massage parlors or hostess bars in Myanmar. Instead there are some low rent brothels and more expensive fashion shows. The capital city has at least three fashion shows and there are others in the country, but some cities don’t have any at all.

yangon fashion show

What is a fashion show? Exactly what it sounds like. Chicks dressed like models walk up and down a catwalk while ridiculous music bangs on in the background. A bunch of guys sit around and watch. Guys who like a chick flag down a waiter or waitress and tell them. Then they hand over a few bucks to buy a flowered lei for the girl. Some of the popular chicks look like florists by the end of the show. Then they go sit either with whoever gave them the most flowers or who has the highest status. Once in a while they will just sit with whoever they like. It all depends.

The chicks will usually go home with a guy if wants that. The prices can be shockingly high for such a poor country. But it’s like Cambodia. Just because most people are poor doesn’t mean there aren’t some people with a ton of money. It’s more true that most people are poor because there are some people with a ton of money. There isn’t enough to go around when the big guys keep it all for themselves.

It seems like the average price guys pay to take a fashion show chick home is around a hundred bucks but it can go way higher. Some guys try to outdo each other, just like with the flowers. It’s not always obvious but it’s not totally hidden either.

It’s nothing to see a foreigner at a fashion show in Myanmar. Japanese and Korean business men are probably the most common customers. Locals and Chinese guys show up to. White western guys are more rare. Once in a while an African can also be found. They don’t discriminate. As long as a guy has the $5 US to get in they show the way. Guys can buy drinks for women inside but there are no lady drinks. The prices are the same for everyone.

Besides the fashion show chicks there are always a lot of freelancers hanging around too. In some places there are probably fifty. Different managers work with different chicks. Waiters have relationships and deals with some of them too. Usually when big shots ask to see the chicks the waiters and managers will line them up. The managers break out the flashlights so guys can see the chicks in the dark. It’s a real scene.

Unknown guys are either surrounded by all the available chicks when they first walk in or totally ignored. I can’t figure out what is behind this. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to it. It’s not based on race or clothing as far as I can tell. Who knows? I guess the people there do since they are the ones doing it.

Freelancers are mostly pretty. Burmese chicks have a unique look. So do the other chicks. Everyone has their own taste. The chicks usually want 80000 Kyat or $70 American to go with a guy. Since 80000 Kyat is only about $58 right now the prices don’t really make sense. Like I said, Myanmar is a different kind of place.

Some of the chicks will spend an entire night with a guy. Some will only stay a few hours. Even the chicks that stay overnight usually want to leave before sunrise. I guess they don’t want to be seen leaving a hotel. On the surface it’s a very conservative place. Face must be preserved.

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