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A few months ago I published my first book. That guide to Pattaya set the stage for a whole series of “Screw” books that I plan to publish. Next on the list is “Screw Singapore: Seeking out sex in Asia’s Strictest City,” which is now available from Amazon. You can read it with a Kindle device or through the free Kindle app on your phone.

People often imagine Singapore as a super clean and organized place where nothing nasty is tolerated. As countless ignoramuses will tell you, they even cane people for chewing gum!

Singapore is no third world dump with chewing gum and grease stained sidewalks, but it’s not squeaky clean either. Just ask all the prostitutes who stand in front of the Four Floors of Whores every night of the week.

Screw Singapore sex book

There’s more information than any man could ever need online about places like Thailand, but you rarely see much about Singapore. Is it because Singapore doesn’t have beaches? Is it because there are no Go Go bars there? I don’t know.

Singapore has legal prostitution. The chicks who work the brothels get health checks and register so they’re a lot safer than freelancers and women who walk the streets. But there are plenty of those grey and black market prostitutes around too. There are Indonesians who fuck for a few dollars in the streets of Geylang almost every night. On the other end there are Russian and Latin freelancers in BRIX who look for big bucks.

Plus Singapore lets almost everyone stay a full 90 days without any kind of visa required. That beats Thailand where you get 30 days at an airport and only 15 by land. It really beats the other Southeast Asian countries where you have to apply and pay for a visa, at least in terms of easy access.

Finally, there is a huge dating pool in Singapore. There are local chicks along with lots of others from Japan, China, the Philippines and all the Western Countries. And they all speak English!

“Screw Singapore” is a complete guide that breaks down everything from the money to hotels and transportation. It also covers the nightlife, dating and pay for play in even more detail. Every location mentioned comes with GPS coordinates that can be copied into Google maps with ease. It’s a great guide for any guy going to the Lion City.

Screw Singapore” will be free from October 7 to Friday the 13th. Supposedly that’s a doomed day, but it will be lucky for anyone who picks up this guide without spending a penny.

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