Freelance prostitutes at BRIX in Singapore

As I have explained in my post on the Geylang brothels and my more detailed book “Screw Singapore!,” prostitution is legal in Singapore. That doesn’t mean anyone can do anything they want. Singapore is a strict place after all. It isn’t as strict as you might think on some things, but they have rules. It’s not like Thailand where you see people driving down the sidewalk or sleeping on top of moving vehicles.

Even with the rules there is a question on enforcement. The streets of Geylang crawl with freelance prostitutes almost every night. The brothels are legal but what they are doing is not. Once in a while the cops come through and sweep up whoever they can catch. Then the chicks go back out into the streets. It’s like a cat and mouse game, but only if the cat wasn’t that interested in the mouse.

The same goes for the four floors of whores. That place is filled with chicks, not to mention the others who stand out in front badgering guys who walk past. Any women found through an online EscortSearch seem to be generally left alone though.

What is BRIX?

BRIX is an upscale version of all of the this. The women aren’t necessarily any classier, but they put on different clothes and go into the place filled with loaded guys so they up their rates. It’s like the hookers who work Darling Darling bar attached to the the Naga World Casino in Phnom Penh. If they find a guy there, they ask for one or two hundred bucks. If not, they go to the clubs like Pontoon later and will usually settle for a lot less.

BRIX is basically just a bar. It’s big and it’s not bad looking, but it’s not really anything special. Outside of the women inside and the location I can’t see what draw the place would have. So it’s lucky for them that chicks swarm the place every night.

BRIX Singapore freelancers

BRIX is located below the Grand Hyatt Singapore, but it has it’s own entrance from the street. They have some tough guys posted up there who apparently get paid not to smile. They would fit in well at the worst go go bar in Bangkok.

The cover charge at BRIX is 30 Singapore Dollars. I don’t know what the chicks pay to get in. Maybe they pay the same amount or maybe they have a deal with the stone face doormen.

What kind of women go to BRIX?

Most of the chicks in BRIX are Vietnamese. Some of them lie and say they are from other places, but if you know what Vietnamese sounds like your bullshit detector will go through the roof as soon as they start talking to their friends.

Chicks from other countries do show up at BRIX though. Sometimes you see Thai or Khmer chicks inside. Occasionally you see Russians or others from the CIS. Once in a while there are even some Latinas inside. I met a Colombian in BRIX one time, but I wasn’t impressed. She was pushing forty but if you asked her she’d probably say she was 21 or something. It’s that kind of place.

What the women at BRIX all have in common is that they ask for a lot of money. I guess since they mostly prey on visiting businessmen working off of expense accounts they can get it. The average cheap charlie coming from a place like Pattaya would probably shit if he knew the going rate.

It’s not unheard of for a girl at BRIX to ask for 1000 Singapore Dollars for sex. That’s almost $800 American dollars for those following along at home. Some of the chicks will come down to as little as 300 Singapore Dollars for short time but that’s still a few hundred bucks, not to mention three times more than what women charge in Geylang. It’s not a sure thing either. Some of the ladies of the evening won’t budge from high numbers like 700 or 900. I guess they get it, just not from me.

Here’s the BRIX website which lists the operating hours and location.

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