Happy ending massage in Singapore

Happy ending massage in Sinagpore is pretty easy to find. Sure, it’s no Thailand. But in some ways that can be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about slipping on a grease slick or tripping over a mangy soi dog on your way to a jack shack in the Lion City. But you will probably pay more when you get there.

Prostitution is legal in Singapore. But like pretty much everything else there, it is also regulated. So while the Geylang brothels appear to be legal the freelancers and street walkers you find around the city technically are not. At least that’s what I can gather with my limited capacities. As far as I know, they aren’t arresting people who pay consenting adults for sex in any case. But prostitutes working without a visa can land themselves in hot water.

Happy ending massage in Singapore

There are basically two types of happy ending massage joints in Singapore. First you’ve got the little compartment massage shops. They’re usually tucked inside of malls like Orchard Towers. The other kind of happy ending massage comes in the “erotic massage” or “tantric massage” parlors.

singapore happy ending massage masseuse in uniform

The small massage places will usually have one middle aged Asian chick out front or inside. When you go in, they show you a menu. You can get a short massage for 100 Singapore Dollars. At $73 American, that’s more than you might expect. Inside, you go into a booth with a massage table. You get a sixty-second back rub then a quick oily hand job. It’s almost comparable to an American jack shack, except you aren’t expected to tip.

The sensual and “Tantric” like Top Tantric Massage places pretend they are offering some sort of whole health service. They might even believe it. But at the end of the day, you get a happy ending with most massages they offer. It can be relaxing, but it can also be a little over the top. It’s not inexpensive either. A ninety minute massage runs 300 SGD. But you do get the full time, unlike the small places that basically throw you out after you blow your load.

Male Health Centers

On top of the many little jack shacks scattered around Singapore, there are also “Health Centers.” In some countries, the word health indicates a legitimate or “therapeutic” massage. But in Singapore, a lot of the so-called health centers are basically brothels. They work a lot like the sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur. And that makes sense since those Chinese-style places are pretty close by.

I don’t really consider the health centers to be happy ending places. Sure, you can get a hand job or blow job in them. And in a few that’s all you can get. But more often than not you can get full service in the health centers. So they’re basically just sex saunas in another form. Sometimes you don’t even get the pretense of a massage.

Anyway, when you walk in to the health centers you usually chose a service or pay an entry fee. Then you can go into a private room for a massage. Some places will send you the next chick in line. Others will let you chose who you want. Once you’re in the room with a chick, you can negotiate for whatever service you want. If services are limited to handies, they’ll let you know. So there’s nothing too mysterious going on. They do expect to be paid extra or “tipped” for doing more than a regular massage. So keep that in mind.

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