Orchard Towers: Four Floors of Whores in Singapore

The island city-state of Singapore is one of the richest countries in Asia and the world. Since rich people don’t like to do any real work, there are also a lot of regular and poor people around to do things like clean the toilets and make the food. Hopefully they don’t do it in that order. Singapore is a sort of center of Southeast Asia and a lot of people from other countries go there to work. Some make major money there. Others make small potatoes but then take those back to their own poor countries where they get more bang for the buck. The place has a pretty relaxed border control scheme so even people from countries like Cambodia can show up and get in without a visa. It’s not like the United States or Germany where airlines won’t even let a Cambodian get a plane ticket unless they can show some landing permission.

Asian prostitute

Singapore has a reputation for being strict. That mainly applies to things like throwing garbage in the street. In other areas it’s more liberal than some of the supposedly free countries. So prostitution is legal in Singapore even though it’s outlawed in “democratic countries”. Don’t get me wrong, there are rules. There are always rules in Singapore. But even in “strict Singapore” people bend the rules and find ways to get around them. The legal and regulated Geylang Brothels have street walkers hanging around them who are technically breaking the law.

There are also women who work out of apartments, karaoke places, coffee shops and other places that are not really permitted. It still goes on. The world’s oldest profession cannot be stopped by mere regulation. Ask anyone on a vice squad.

Orchard Towers is a low rent mall in Singapore. It’s easy to find. Everyone knows it. During the day all sorts of crappy goods are pushed throughout shops and stalls. It’s nothing like the more high end and expensive malls around Singapore. It doesn’t even really match with the high end shopping to be found on Orchard Road. It’s anyone’s guess why it still stands. If someone comes up with a more profitable use for the place it may get wiped out in the future. Or maybe not. Geylang is still standing after all. Plus the Cambodian embassy is high up in the building somewhere.

Anyway, at night Orchard Towers turns from a low end shopping center to a shady sex market known as the “Four Floors of Whores”. A lot of the regular shops close their doors as a bunch of bars and massage parlors open theirs. Plus a lot of street walkers and Thai ladyboy freelancers gather around the entrances to try to get guys coming and going.

There are no straight brothels in Orchard Towers. The little massage parlors usually have one or two older Asian chicks. They charge 100 Singapore Dollars for a one minute back rub followed by an oily wank. The whole thing might be promised to last thirty minutes but actually wrap up in half that time or less.

Some of the bars are a little better. Other bars are much worse. The bars on one side of the towers are like Cambodian hostess bars without any of the fun, excitement or hot chicks. They are worn out places with a handful of old Filipinas working. These chicks will chat you up and ask you to buy super expensive drinks but give nothing in return. Some may allow for a little touching and once in a while one might offer to go to your room for some crazy price like 500 Singapore Dollars but that’s about it. That’s enough to fly to the Philippines and stay in a decent hotel for a few nights. These places always look empty. I don’t know who goes in them. Whoever does is keeping them afloat though.

There are some ladyboy bars too. This is the new thing all through Asia. It’s spreading like wildfire. I don’t get mad at anyone who is into it, but it’s definitely not my scene. The ladyboy bars are definitely popular. You see guys going in and out all night. Tall Thai ladyboys work the poles inside. They want as much much as the Filipinas or even more. Go figure.

Another set of bars I’m totally uninterested in has Eastern European chicks working like Ion. These chicks are tall and blond but not that great looking. I guess they are exotic in Singapore. They don’t compare to the chicks in Europe or even most of the other Russian prostitutes in Asia. I have never asked but I hear that these chicks don’t even go out with guys. They just do lame dances on stage and milk guys for drinks and tips. Supposedly it takes a huge amount of money to get any action with them.

There are a handful of bars that aren’t that bad. They are still expensive. People say that’s normal for Singapore. I don’t know. An appointment with a hot Chinese chick in a Geylang Brothel is only 50 or 100 Singapore dollars. That doesn’t even get a couple of drinks in some of the Orchard Towers places. At least the bars like the cowboy themed Country Jamboree have some hot Vietnamese chicks working. They want a lot of money to leave the bar but I guess they get it. Why else would they fly in and out of the country all the time? Bongo has even better looking Vietnamese chicks but they hustle hard. They are good at breaking down defenses. Sometimes they meet up with guys but there are definitely no guarantees.

Screw Singapore sex book

Finally, there are the freelancer haunts. They remind me of the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur but with less chicks who aren’t as pretty asking for more money. Some of the freelancers in these places are definitely old enough to be grandmothers. Yet they still want hundreds of Singapore dollars to go anywhere with a guy. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me.

Local guys usually get the best prices anywhere. Sometimes they go for lower quality. In Singapore they are getting much better action for less than foreigners are paying. They use websites and brothels. You never see them in Orchard Towers.

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