Anma sex saunas in South Korea

Anma are common full service sex saunas found all over South Korea. They’re clearly marked with lighted signs that spell out ANMA in Korean. I’ve already told you about the German sex saunas, Czech sex saunas, Macau sex saunas, Kuala Lumpur sex saunas, and even the sex saunas in Austria. The Korean version of the sex sauna is different and has it’s own roots.

Anma is nothing more than a Korean word for massage. Well, the real word is “massaji” but ANMA was brought over from Chinese. In the context of South Korea, anma almost always refers to the kinds of sex saunas I’m talking about here.

anma massage club south korea

There are lots and lots of anmas around. If you take the time to learn the Korean alphabet you start seeing the signs all over. They’re usually red. I have even seen them in small towns and cities about as far away from Seoul as you can get.

It should go without saying, but anmas in South Korea are made for South Korean customers. Some of them will take foreign customers. A lot of them won’t. Sometimes it comes down to the door man or whether or not there are any customers inside. It could also be a matter of history. Unfortunately, when a foreigner does something wrong at a place like a Korean anma it usually results in a policy banning all foreigners in the future.

How do anmas work?

When you walk into an anma, they usually have a middle aged dude in a suit there. He’s like a doorman and security rolled into one. Sometimes he’s also a manager or “executive.” They’ll tell you right up front if they don’t accept foreigners. They’re not shy dudes.

If you get in, they usually take you to a desk where you’re supposed to pay up front. I don’t think Korean guys pay first, but I’m not sure. Anyway, to avoid communication issues, they normally just punch the price into a phone or calculator. A regular rate at an anma is around 200,000 Won.

Korean ANMA prostitute

After you pay, they either take you directly to one of the rooms or, if they’re busy, they make you wait. The waiting rooms are filled with drinks and televisions and books. They don’t want customers to get bored I guess. Some of them even have sleeping areas. I guess those are for really long waits.

The private rooms are kind of like the rooms in Thai oily massage parlors but a lot cleaner. They are small though. They have a bed and a washroom. Not much else.

In the wash room there are waterproof massage tables. Things start there with fully nude body to body bathing. Sometimes it gets hot and heavy right in the wash room. Normally though, things really get going back in the bed.

You usually get about an hour at an anma. Some places have different procedures. A few have multiple girl sessions or even fluffers to get you ready for the hot chick who just comes in quickly, does her thing, then leaves.

What kinds of women work in anmas?

The chicks working the anmas can be hot, but usually they’re average by Korean standards. A lot of them smoke, and a standard part of an anma vist is being offered a smoke and some kind of nutritional drink. I guess they want to both improve and destroy your health simultaneously.

You don’t see too many fat chicks working in anmas, at least in the bigger cites. You do see some thirty plus women though, and some that have had too much work done. Well, in my opinion anyway. I guess they make pretty good money. Unfortunately, they spend it on wonky nose jobs.

Anmas are common sex shops in South Korea. They aren’t in decline like the red light districts, but there aren’t a lot of new anmas popping up. I guess with the internet more younger guys are moving to individual meetings or places like the ever rotating lip cafes.

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