Red light districts in Busan

Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea. More than half of the population lives there. And a lot of foreigners never go to any other part of the country. Busan is the second biggest city. The red light districts in Busan aren’t known to many foreigners. But they’re pretty notable. We’re talking about streets filled with Korean prostitutes. And some of them are actually pretty hot.

I wrote about the red light districts of Seoul several years ago. Some of those areas have really taken a hit since then. A couple have been pushed out of the way to make room for development. And others are barely hanging on. Even the famous Hooker Hill has seen better days. But several red light districts in Busan are still going strong.

Today I’m going to fill you on what I know about the Busan red light districts. And that’s about as much as a guy can know without working in one of the windows. The only way to find out more would be to walk through the red light districts yourself.

Red light districts in Busan

The Busan red light districts are mainly for Korean guys. Foreigners can walk through them though. They’re basically open streets after all. But a lot of the chicks won’t even look at guys if they aren’t Korean or at least Asian. Time can have something to do with it. Some prostitutes will let foreign guys in if they’re low on cash or customers. Others make no exceptions.

red light district in busan

There used to be a lot of RLDs in Busan. A couple of them have basically been abolished though. As of now there are three major red light districts in Busan. They are Green Street (Texas Street), Haeundae Beach and Minam. None of them seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Green Street

Green Street is the biggest and best known red light district in Busan. But it’s not right down in the open. It’s in an alley called “Cheonma-ro 201beon-gil.” Say that five times fast! Better yet, don’t. Because no one really knows it by that name. Not even taxi drivers.

It’s all lit up like the typical red light district though. And there are plenty of chicks in the windows. Some are very hot. Others are average. I haven’t seen any really ugly or fat women there though.

Sex is 70,000 Won. That’s about $61 American money for a quickie in a small but clean room. Some of the chicks will take foreigners with no problem. But there are also some Korean-only windows. They’re easy to find because the chicks inside just ignore anyone who doesn’t look Korean.

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is the most popular beach in all of South Korea. Lots of Koreans go there for food and fun. Down at one end, there’s a statue of a mermaid that’s really famous. Not as famous is the Haeundae Beach red light district across the street. But it is known for having hot chicks.

For some reason, Haeundae Beach RLD is the least friendly to foreigners. Guys who are not Korean are very unlikely to get service there. Instead, they mostly get dirty looks from the ladies in the windows. But the ladies in the windows are hot!

Korean guys pay 100,000 Won for sex at Haeundae Beach. And they have a good chance of getting bareback for their money. Non-Korean guys on the other hand are usually dismissed outright, when they’re not totally ignored.


Minam red light district is more open to foreigners than any other. It also has some of the oldest prostitutes to be found. A lot of the ladies in the windows are over forty. I think a couple might even be pushing sixty.

For most guys, that might be a turnoff. But for MILF lovers and foreigners it can be a plus. The old lady lovers get what they’re into. And foreign guys can get accepted in a town where they are often refused.

Minam red light district is easy to find. If you go out of exit 10 at Minam Station, it’s right down those alleys. Sex costs 70,000 Won and it comes with a shower. The ladies at Minam are older but they’re also more service oriented. They actually treat their customers like clients instead of people imposing upon them.

Texas Street

Some people call Texas Street a red light district. I don’t think I’d go that far. It’s basically a street with bars for foreigners. They’re kind of like hostess bars. You might find sex in them or you might not. You’re probably just as likely to get ripped off by Filipina or Russian chicks who just want a lot of expensive drinks.

Anyway, foreigners are obvious okay in Texas Street. And other than that, there’s really not a ton to say. It kind of reminds me of Orchard Towers in Singapore. Which means there are foreign guys spending more money than they have to and getting less than they could in return. I guess they like it though. Because when I pass Texas Street every year or two I see more foreign guys there.

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