The price of sex in South Korean red light districts

Prostitution is illegal in South Korea but no one seems to care. There are tens of thousands of prostitutes in South Korea. Millions of South Korea men pay prostitutes for sex. And prostitution accounts for almost 2 percent of the national gross domestic product. That is a lot of fucking for money!

Red light districts are places where prostitutes stand in windows. Guys who like what they see step inside and fuck the prostitutes in exchange for cash. There are several red light districts in South Korea. Or I should say there were several. But things are changing fast.

red light district in Korea

There are still some red light districts in South Korea. But they seem to be disappearing or dying out as time goes on. That doesn’t mean that prostitution is disappearing though. Not even close. There are tons of hookers around. They just aren’t as likely to stand in glass windows anymore.

I have already written about the red light districts of Seoul and the red light districts of Busan. But experience tells me that a lot of people won’t spend the time to go through the site and dig through all the jewels I have already dropped over the years. So here I present you with an easy to understand guide to the price of sex in South Korea’s red light districts.

Green Street

Green Street is the biggest red light district in Busan. It is also one of the best known RLDs in the entire country. Still this place is hidden in some alleys and so it can be hard to find. You know it when you see it though. There is more neon here than on the strip in Vegas.

green street red light district Korea

This is an old school red light district with actual windows and real red lights. It is sort of like Amsterdam without the throngs or tourists and ugly prostitutes.

Some of the chicks here are really hot. Others are average. They’re all good enough for a fuck though. At least that is what I think. So I never balk when they ask me 70,000 Won for sex. That is less than $60 American. It is pretty cheap considering they have some of the cleanest and most comfortable rooms of any RLD I have visited.

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is maybe the most famous beach in South Korea. Tons of locals visit the place. A fair share of foreigners do too. Unfortunately the foreigners are not very welcome at the nearby Haeundae RLD.

haeundae beach RLD prostitute

This sucks because the chicks in the windows here are some of the hottest hookers on the peninsula. They seem to know it too. Or maybe that is just the vibe I get when I walk past only for them to turn their backs and ignore me.

Oh well. Since Korean guys pay 100,000 Won for a quickie here I can only imagine what the price would be for a foreign heathen like me.

Cheonho RLD

Cheonho was the biggest and maybe best red light district in Seoul. It stretched over a couple of streets and even had a clearly marked arch over the entrance. Everyone knew about it but only poon hounds like me even wandered inside.

Cheonho red light district

There were lots of windows lit up with red lights. Inside sexy Korean chicks in tight shirts and miniskirts stared at their phones until some Korean oppa walked through. They would do anything to get the Korean guys inside. But most of the ignored foreign dudes.

I did get laid here a couple of times. Both times I was the only guy on the street and the chicks quickly pulled me inside and behind a curtain before any Korean guys could see them committing the crime of fucking a foreigner. The prices were high at 130,000 to 150,000 Won. But it’s all a moot point. This red light district is basically dead and the area is being developed for sexless yuppies.


Minam is an RLD in Busan located right around Minam Station. It is probably more open to foreigners than any other red light district in South Korea. There could be a couple of reasons for that. One is that foreign Navy dudes pull into Busan all the time. Another is that the hookers at Minam are some of the oldest in the country.

window prostitute in minam seoul korea

Now I don’t mind sex with an Asian MILF at all. But some of these ladies look like they ought to be in homes for the elderly. Still a man has to do what a man has to do. So I am not ashamed to admit that I have taken the plunge.

When I pushed past the greying pubes and sunk my cock into those soft slits I paid an average fee of 70,000 Won. No need for negotiation.

Miari Texas

Miari Texas is the grimiest place on this list. Instead of windows the chicks sit in rooms behind solid steel doors with slide locks. Aging mamasans roam around the alleys looking for guys to bring in and check out the ladies.

Miari Texas red light district in Seoul

Even the entrance to this place is fucking weird. It’s just a random narrow alley in Seoul with a bunch of shredded carpet blocking the way. You’d have to be a nut to wander into this area. I guess I am crazy though because I have been there many times.

The mamasans here usually start by asking foreigners 100,000 for sex. The chicks sit around in wedding dresses while the old hags do the negotiating. The actual price is somewhere between 60,000 an 80,000 Won for locals.

Cheongnyangni 588

Cheongnyangni 588 is located around Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul. In Korean they call this area “oh pal pal” which means 5 8 8. This is a pretty well known and easy to find red light district that somehow survives.

Cheongnyangni 588 red light district

588 or oh pal pal opens at around noon too. This makes it one of the only places I have ever seen prostitutes in negligees standing in Seoul in broad daylight. I can’t say I was disappointed.

This might be the cheapest red light district I ever found in South Korea. The average price is like 60,000 Won. Even the hottest chicks only want 80,000 Won maximum. I once found a woman in a window here who offered me bareback sex with creampie for 50,000 Won. That is just over $40 in American money. And it included a free cup of hot tea!


Suwon is a pretty large place just beyond the Seoul city limits. It is famous for a historic castle. People also eat dog in some restaurants around there. Lesser known is the Suwon Red Light District which is just out of Suwon Station’s Exit #13. But the Suwon RLD is actually fairly large considering the area.

red light district in suwon seoul

The hookers in Suwon RLD charge between 60,000 and 100,000 Won for sex. Some foreigners report success there. I once walked around in the bitter cold only to be rejected by all the prostitutes in the windows. One even turned off her lights and locked the door when she saw me. That pretty much told me it was time to leave. I haven’t been back to a Korean red light district since.

There are lots of options to meet and have sex with women in South Korea. Some are super easy. Others involved more work or some money. In my humble opinion they are all pretty much better than the red light districts these days. Of course this is just my judgement and it only applies to me. I can only tell you how I feel and thank you for reading over my thoughts.

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