How to avoid ladyboys on Tinder in Manila

Have you ever used Tinder in Manila? Just a couple of years ago there weren’t that many people on it. Then it blew up and became super popular. But now it’s filled with ladyboy profiles that you have to shift through if you want to find women who were born with vaginas. I am not sure exactly what happened. But I can tell you how to avoid ladyboys on Tinder in Manila.

When I first started going to Philippines internet use wasn’t all that common. You could find chicks on sites like Date in Asia. That site was free, but you would sometimes wait days or weeks for a response. Back then, a lot of ladies had to go to internet cafes just to get online. So you were basically stuck unless you wanted to start pipe-lining long before you got to Manila.

Everything moves faster today. People expect instant gratification. It’s so easy to date and have sex in the Philippines that guys even expect to get pussy on demand. And if they can’t find it on a dating site or app, they just roll up to one of the many go go bars or KTV gentlemen’s clubs and pay for it.

Ladyboys on Tinder in Manila

Thailand is better known for its ladyboys than any other country in the world. And you definitely see ladyboys on Tinder when you’re swiping in Bangkok.

But I swear there are more ladyboys per swipe in Manila than any other place in the world. Sometimes I have to check and make sure I didn’t visit live tranny webcams by accident. If you’re into ladyboys, I guess that’s great. But if you’re not, it’s a pain in the ass. No pun intended.

Filipina tranny

The last time I opened in Tinder in Manila, about thirty percent of the profiles I swiped through were ladyboys. To be fair, most of them said as much. All you had to do was read the profile, or in many cases just look at the picture. Their profiles said stuff like “I am a ladyboy” or “If you don’t like ladyboys don’t bother me, I am who I am.” So it’s easy enough to go around them by just swiping left.

Being a long time fan of Popeye I can’t fault anyone for being what they are. But it can really dig into your effort when ever third or forth profile is a ladyboy and you’re looking for hot Pinay chicks.

I have a Gold Account on Tinder. That let’s me swipe as much as I want in any city in the world. But it doesn’t help me avoid ladyboys. In fact, nothing does. You basically have to manually swipe through every profile to get to the regular chicks. There’s no other option on Tinder itself. So the best thing to do is just move on to other better options.

Premium dating in the answer

The clear answer to avoiding ladyboys in Tinder in Manila is to sign up for a premium account at a Filipina dating site. It costs a couple of bucks, but the expense is nothing major. And I value my time. So dropping twenty bucks every once in a while is better than spending countless minutes or even hours trying to get past ladyboy profiles.

There are a ton on Filipina dating sites around now. But the best is still Pina Love. It’s been around for years, and no other site has been able to surpass it at all.

Pina Love is full of hot Pinay chicks. So it’s worth signing up for. I have a premium account there. But I’m a serious poon hound. And I spend a decent amount of time in the Philippines. If I was coming on a short visit I would probably just sign up a few months in advance and start getting a group of women ready to meet. But signing up upon landing might not be a bad move either.

This site filled with Filipina chicks. So you don’t have to worry about sifting through foreign tourists and their pictures with elephants and zip lines either. Plus it’s super easy to filter out whoever you aren’t interested in. Just select female, the age range you’re into, and your location. Then you have a whole field of eligible ladies in front of you with no ladyboys in site.

You aren’t subject to any limits when you have a premium account. You can send as many messages as you want. The chicks are allowed to message as much as they want anyway, even if they don’t go premium. And when they see that you have a premium account, they usually take you more seriously. It’s worth the minor expense in opinion. So that’s why I pay it. And it pays off for me.

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