The easiest city to have sex in the Philippines

What is the easiest city to have sex in the Philippines? This is a question I can definitely answer. After traveling the world for years I have spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia. I’ve moved through all the major and minor cities. I’ve been through most of them multiple times. And I have had a whole lot of sex!

Sometimes I pay for sex. Other times I score it free by charming women, dating women or just running into the right situation. I love sex and I look for it wherever I go. Especially in the Philippines which pretty much has nothing at all going for it other than the women.

I have already written about the easiest city to get laid in Thailand. So now I might as well tell you about the easiest city to have sex in the Philippines.

Manila is the easiest city to have sex in the Philippines

Now usually I would go through a list of cities in a country and break down all the differences between them. Then I would draw up a conclusion about which city or cities is easiest to have sex in. But there is really no need for that here. When we are talking about the Philippines, the plain fact is that Manila is the easiest place to have sex.

manila philippines

Not only is Manila the easiest city to have sex in the Philippines. Manila is actually one of the easiest cities in the world to have sex. It’s a place where you can get your dick wet without ever even leaving your bed. And I am not only talking about the cheap prostitutes that will go to a room for a few hundred pesos. Regular chicks aren’t that much more difficult. Seriously.

All it takes is a little personality and the ability to treat women like fellow human beings. From what I have seen with some obese sloppy western pigs walking around with decent Pinay chicks it may not even take that.

So instead of telling you which city in the Philippines is the easiest to find sex in, I will instead tell you why Manila is the easiest city in the Philippines to get laid.

Why Manila is #1 for ease of sex

With millions of people in the metro area, Manila is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also one of the densest with over 111,000 people per square mile. Compare that to even a major city like New York with its 20,000 people per square mile and you can see what we are dealing with here. People are smashed in like sardines in a can. And there are lots of them. That’s one reason the quality of life is so low in Manila. But it’s also a reason why it’s easy to have sex there.

The population skews young. There are hundreds of thousands of women in the 18-30 age group in the Philippines. Many of them live in tiny houses with tons of family members. And many of their family members are jerks. So you’ve got all these young women looking for something to do and a way out of the doldrums of their cramped every day lives. Add to that the fact that Pinay women are undeniably friendly and outgoing and it becomes very easy to date and have sex with them.

Unless you are a complete monster or mess of a human being you can very easily visit a mall or just hop on Pina Love and set up multiple dates in a few hours. I am not exaggerating. Traffic is actually the biggest obstacle. Otherwise it is easy as can be to meet 1, 2 or 3 women a day for as long as you stay in Manila.

But what if you are a loveless monster with a blackened heart? It is still incredibly easy to get sex in Manila. There are tons of paid sex options ranging from go go bars with sexy babes in bikinis to high end KTV gentlemen’s clubs with actresses. On the lower end you have streets like P Burgos that fill up at night with “masseuses” who offer in room service for a mere 500 Pesos. That is under $10 American for those without access to a currency converter.

Now some people might not like to hear this but facts are facts. The Philippines is one of the easiest countries on earth for guys to have sex. And Manila is the easiest city inside of the Philippines to have sex. That makes for one hell of an easy place to get laid. A guy who can’t get lucky in Manila probably has little chance to get pussy anywhere on earth. But even for those sad incel souls I guess there is at least the old reliable respite of Filipina porn.

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