Picking up Filipina chicks and prostitutes at Greenbelt 3

Picking up Filipina chicks and prostitutes is pretty easy at Greenbelt 3. The upscale shopping mall sells clothes and food, but a lot of freelancers go there to sell ass. You can find them there every night of the week trying to get money. The average unassuming person might not know that, but I have a keen sexual sense.

I also have the experience of others who have gone before me to rely on. Now you can get that too, combined with my own outlook on the place. Greenbelt 3 is conveniently located and easy to navigate. It is not the best place in the world, but it’s not terrible either. Especially if you’re into Filipinas.

What and where is Greenbelt 3?

Greenbelt 3 is just a shopping mall. It has the “3” in the name because there are actually several Greenbelt Malls. Apparently they are all owned by a very rich Filipino family. They look like high end shopping malls since they are all spick and span, but as you’ll see they are also a hangout for hookers.

You can find Greenbelt 3 pretty easily. It’s right in the middle of Makati, which is the richest part of Manila and home to the famous P Burgos Street go go bars. Every single taxi driver in the city knows the place. It’s also right across the street from the landmark guest friendly New World Makati Hotel. That’s a great place to stay if you have the money to spare by the way.

Manila Malls vs Online Dating

You read a lot online about picking up chicks at malls in the Philippines. While I agree that the Philippines is one of the easiest places in the world to meet women, I don’t know that malls are such good places to do it.

Sure you can meet women in malls. That’s true pretty much anywhere outside of Saudi Arabia. But are they such amazing places to find women? Sure there malls in Manila like Robinson that are even known for having hookers inside. But if you’re looking for prostitutes, why not go to a bar or brothel?

good Filipina girl wearing a crucifix

If you are looking for a girlfriend or just a hookup, you can try the Manila malls. You’ll probably do okay. But why bother? Especially in Manila where you have so many other effective options. No matter how many malls you try to travel through in the insane Manila traffic, you will never see even a tenth of the amount of women listed on sites like Pina Love.

With those sites, you can sit in your bed in your underwear and flick through thousands of women. Plus you know they’re all into foreigners. You can blast out messages to as many chicks as you want. You’re virtually guaranteed to end up with more options than you can handle.

Picking up chicks at Greenbelt 3

Greenbelt 3 itself isn’t a great mall for picking up chicks anyway. It’s not very big and it never gets that full of people. The most people are out on the patio area where all the hookers hang out. I’ll talk about them soon. You can pick chicks up at Greenbelt 3, but like I said it’s not that great.

Once I started talking to a 20 year old woman on staff at the American Eagle there. She was really hot. We went out and she ended up back in my room. She had a great body and we went at it all night. The problem is she wouldn’t let me go. I was right across the street at the New World and she knew it. She kept blowing up my phone until I pretended to leave town. Years later she was still working in the same place and she came running across the mall crying and telling me how much she missed me since I disappeared. I never want to repeat that.

Prostitutes at Greenbelt 3

Outside of the coffee shops, the freelance prostitutes that gather at Greenbelt 3 every night are the main draw for a lot of guys. Not too many western guys are going shopping at Greenbelt 3. The selection is weak and the prices are terrible. To be honest, the selection when it comes to prostitutes aren’t that much better. The prices are good though.

There is a sort of courtyard at Greenbelt 3 with outside seating. There are chairs and tables there for customers of Starbucks and a place like Cafe Havana. During the day, most of the people seated out there are just normal people. There are usually some ladyboys around too, and most of them are freelancing.

Cafe Havana Freelancers

Once the sun goes down, a lot of freelance prostitutes show up. You can find them in the outside seats or inside of Cafe Havana. That’s actually a restaurant with okay food. A reason to go there is that they don’t let ladyboys sit around. So the women you meet there should be actual women. If you meet one in another seating area they might have meat of their own.

The game is the typical freelance pick up stuff. You smile at each other than someone goes over to the other person and starts talking. Negotiations quickly come up if everyone is interested. There’s really nothing else to it. The usual prices are between 2000 and 3000 Pesos. Really though, a lot of them will settle for 1000 pesos and be alright about it. That’s about 19 dollars in American money, which isn’t bad.

The chicks are your average Filipinas. They’re in their twenties or thirties. Most of them are really average looking and a lot have already had kids. They are friendly but they are obviously out for money. They can hump like rabbits, but then they’re back out to find more cash.

As luck would have it, I once spotted a decent 22 year old Pinay freelancer I knew from Greenbelt 3 on Tinder in Bangkok. She didn’t have a baby and her body was still pretty good. I don’t know if she was traveling for work or pleasure, but it seemed like the latter. She had a bunch of tourist pictures and wrote that she was a “Filipina backpacker.” We matched and she remembered me. She asked for help with “travel money” and said she could come to my room. I asked how much and she said 3000 Baht. I laughed and unmatched her. Next I went across the street and got a deepthroat blowjob and sex for 1000 Baht. Then I went back to my room and slept without a regret.

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