Happy Ending Massage in Manila

Massage isn’t nearly as common in the Philippines as it is in Thailand but there are still many massage parlors around. Unsurprisingly, many of those massage parlors along with several other places offer happy endings. In Cebu a whole industry of happy ending massage for male and female tourists has risen up using official sounding terms like lingam and yoni massage. In other areas things aren’t always as straight forward.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the country and especially in the capital city of Manila. That’s because there airplane drops me there not because I love the city more than other parts of the country. While there are many entertainment options in Manila, getting back and forth between them through the never ending traffic using scamming taxi drivers can be a major pain in the ass. By the time I get from one place to another I’m ready for a massage.

I’m glad to know there are so many options when I’m in the mood for a body rub. Here’s a list of some of them.

Massage parlors

Massage parlors can be found all around the city. Many of the them are legit by women in a large number of them are keyed in to what guys want and will offer all sorts of extra services to earn tips. Wondering into a random place can be hit or miss but I’ve had more success than failure. Some of the massage places listed on websites like Freeads and Adposts offer outcall service to your home and hotel and the ones that offer happy endings usually indicate right in their postings by saying things like “extra services available.”

LBFM with big tits

Prices range between 500 to 3000 Pesos depending on the place, the extra service and tip, and your negotiation skills. All of those things have their own risks but I’ve been able to do alright by relying on my own street smarts. I don’t think it’s too tough.

The best bet for practically guaranteed happy ending the ability to chose a service provider is to talk a walk on P Burgos Street around the Best Western Oxford Suites any evening. There are always lots of masseuses hanging around there trying to get customers. A lot of them wear uniforms but some are in regular clothes. They can either massage you in a nearby shop or in your hotel. I hear rates depend on the person but I’ve always been able to get a massage for 500 Pesos. Sometimes I have to tip on top of that. Sometimes I don’t. The women without uniforms usually do it all and go without a tip which is great considering they look as good as most of the women in the nearby go go bars that charge ten times the price.

Karaoke clubs

Karaokes sometimes locally called gentlemen’s clubs are big businesses with different areas offering different services. They are sort of like more subtle versions of the Jakarta sex clubs.

Karaoke clubs usually have a massage area and for me this is the main reason to visit. They are organized a lot like Thai soapy massage parlors. The women are lined up on seats but not behind glass. They wear numbers. You can pick the girl you want, the amount of time you want and the room you want. In the room you get a shower (sometimes a bubble bath) and a short massage that isn’t really much of a massage followed by full service.

The room prices are between 500 and 2000 Pesos and the usual tip for the service provider is another 2000 Pesos so the total can end up anywhere between 50 and 90 American dollars. It’s not the cheapest option but it’s probably the safest and most guaranteed. Pegasus, Airforce 1 and Pharaoh are all good clubs with pretty girls.


Escorts are the last option. There are plenty of escort agencies and independents in Manila. They come and go like rain drops. You can find them on all the usual websites. It’s easy to ask for a massage before the main action when you call for one and in fact some of escorts will suggest that themselves to break the ice.

I’m not big on escorts in Manila because most of the agencies are shady, the prices are higher than even the overpriced go go bars and a lot of the girls aren’t even good service providers which is crazy considering that Manila is one of the easiest places in the world to pick up civilians who will fuck your brains out. I have gone this route a few times but unfortunately I never found an agency worth repeating with. That’s probably one of the reasons the agencies change their names and go out of business so often.

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