KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila

The KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila are set up as places for guys to relax and have a good time with beautiful women. They’re not particularly designed for foreigners. But they don’t exclude guys who aren’t Filipino either. Most customers do come from the Philippines. Yet everyone else seems to be just as welcome inside.

Since dating and having sex with Filipinas is so easy, a lot of visitors don’t even bother with paid entertainment. That’s understandable. But there is a lot of male entertainment available in the capital. And the fact that so many local guys get into it even though it’s easy to get pussy for free says a lot.

KTV gentlemen’s clubs in Manila are more than just karaoke joints or bars. The best of them are full fledged entertainment centers with all sorts of stuff going on inside. The prices are surprisingly reasonable too. Especially when you consider how easy it is to drop a thousand dollars or more at a karaoke club in other parts of Asia.

KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila

KTV clubs can be found all over Asia. The acronym “KTV” stands for karaoke television. There are family KTV clubs where people go to sing and have fun with friends. Then there are the KTV’s for guys. They have lots of chicks to sing with guys and generally entertain them. And in a lot of places they’ll have sex with the guys for money too.

It’s not all that different in Manila. There are the same kinds of smaller KTV clubs around. But there are also bigger complexes called “gentlemen’s clubs.” They are a lot more than just places to sing. They’re also more like clubs too, with shared rooms. In South Korea and Japan KTV’s you go into a semi-private room with your singers. In these clubs, they usually have big lounges where you can sit around with your favorite girls and watch a show.

Manila karaoke girls

Most western guys end up in the go go bars. They can be alright. But the chicks are in the Manila gentlemen’s clubs can be a lot hotter. They’re every bit as sexy as the tight body babes you see in the best Filipino porn. Thankfully, there aren’t too many fast food bodies to be found in these places.

No matter if you sit around the stage or take a private room, you can cuddle up with a hot chick. All you have to do is pay an hourly fee and buy some drinks. It’s easy to keep it all within reason and spend no more than 1000 Pesos an hour. Groping is normal. Some will get naked or do a blowjob too. You might be able to get a woman to leave with you too. But on the first visit you might not.

Where to find gentlemen’s clubs in Manila

There are actually KTV’s all over Manila. If you’ve been there, then you know that Manila is a huge city that’s actually divided into 16 smaller barangays like Makati and ParaƱaque. Traveling around the metro area, you’ll likely see all kinds of bright KTV signs. Some of them are small places for locals. Others are set up for Japanese guys. The gentlemen’s clubs are different. They’re big buildings that you can’t miss.

Some of the best KTV gentlemen’s clubs in Manila are:

  • Air Force 1 (888 Ninoy Aquino Avenue)
  • Classmates (1008 Quezon Ave)
  • Pegasus (822 Quezon Ave)
  • Queens Chamber (1181 Quezon Ave)
  • Universe (2374 F.B. Harrison St)

A lot of these clubs are on Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. So that’s a good place to go if you are in the mood to hit up some KTVs. A few of them are even in walking distance of each other. But since walking is such a pain in Manila, I always take a taxi. It always seems like the better way to get around. Especially if you end up hopping clubs in Pasay City.

Happy ending massage

The best feature of the KTV Gentlemen’s Clubs in Manila is the massage parlor. Most of the big karaoke places have a massage section attached. Sometimes you can just go down a flight of stairs. But other times you have to walk outside and go in a separate door. While some guys want to hang around and chat with girls, others just want to get down to business. So they go right to the massage area and skip the introductions.

It seems like a lot of guys also hit the massage areas after getting worked up in the karaoke clubs. That makes sense to me. No one wants to drop a lot of money just to end up with blue balls. These aren’t overpriced Chicago strip clubs we’re talking about here. Everything is pretty reasonable, even though the chicks are among the hottest women you’ll find in Manila.

Years ago I wrote about happy ending massage in Manila. Back then I said you could get sex in these massage parlors. Not much has changed except for the prices. The rate depends most on the class of room you use. But the level of the chick can have something to do with it too.

In the massage areas, the ladies line up a typical fishbowl setup. They can be just as hot as the ladies in the KTV section. After you chose one you pay and go to a room. That usually leads to a massage, blowjob, then sex. A lot of times they skip right over the massage. Other times there’s no blowjob either. The price for a room is 800 to 2000 Pesos. The normal tip for the ladies is 1000 to 2000 Pesos more.

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