Nuru massage in Manila

Nuru massage continues to be grow in international popularity. I see mention of it all the time now. It makes sense to me. Who doesn’t want to have a fully nude woman sliding her wet body against them? I know I do. And due to the popularity of the service, it’s now available around the world. You can even get a nuru massage in Manila now.

Years ago I wrote about happy ending massage in Manila. As you can see, there are a lot of options for that. Nuru massage can be considered a kind of happy ending massage I guess. Whatever the case, it deserves its own coverage. I mean if a fully naked body to body massage isn’t special, then what really is?

It’s not a temporary fad either. I remember seeing ads for nuru massage many years ago. Now there are more than ever. Even some massage shops that never even heard of nuru massage now place the service prominently on their menus. They can see which way the wind is blowing too.

What is nuru massage?

Like many sex practices, nuru massage started in Japan. Nuru means slippery in Japanese. And the Japanese are the masters of the slippery massage. They use a product called nuru gel that is actually made from seaweed. The real stuff from Japan is the best. Knock off nuru gel isn’t nearly as good. But it’s hard to complain about the way a naked chick glides all over your frame.

nuru massage example

So, a nuru massage involves a fully nude woman covered in slippery nuru gel sliding against your body. It’s like a soapy massage, but it’s somehow more intimate and erotic. In a real nuru massage, they even heat up the gel. So it’s like be bathed in goodness. Plus, it usually ends in an orgasm of some kind. And that’s always good.

If you really want to know what a nuru massage is like, you have two options. The first is to get a nuru massage. You can do that in any number of places, including Manila. The second way is to watch this nuru massage porn from Japan that shows it all from start to finish. Including the orgasm.

Nuru massage in Manila

Of course nuru massage in Japan is one thing. Nuru massage anywhere else is something different. People can’t copy what they see. But it’s usually not the same. There are some exceptions. But most nuru massage I’ve seen outside of Japan is a pale comparison to the real thing. I guess it’s like California Rolls and real sushi.

You can get a nuru massage in Manila. You’ll probably enjoy yourself too. But it may not be up the top standards of authentic nuru massage in Japan. Then again, you never know. I’ve been surprised once or twice by chicks in Thailand who almost seemed like they were trained in Japan.

Anyway there are only two places I know of in Manila that offer nuru massage. One is Manila Tantric. They list the service among their others like yoni, which is basically a happy ending for women. Then there’s the very appropriately named Nuru Massage Manila agency. They focus entirely on nuru massage.

Manila Tantric charges 3500 Pesos for 90 minutes. That’s about $68 in American money. At Nuru Massage Manila they charge 3000 Pesos plus tip for a massage from a regular chick. That’s $58 plus gratuity. Nuru Massage Manila also has “VIP” chicks who charge a lot more.

Nuru Massage Manila is an outcall service. You pick a chick and they send her to your room. She unrolls a big plastic sheet and puts it on your bed. Then she showers and so do you. After that it’s what you would expect. You lay down and she slides all over you with nuru gel. Then you get a handjob. But if you are willing to tip several thousand pesos you might be able to get sex too.

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