Pattaya or Angeles City: Which is better for men?

Pattaya or Angeles City? Both cities are well known for sex. But which one is better? It’s a question a lot of guys have asked me over the years. It’s also a topic that guys debate endlessly online, and in real life. People have their own feelings on the matter. I can only give you my own thoughts on this question.

I can stay that I have spent more than enough time in both Pattaya and Angeles City to give you an educated opinion. I’m not the kind of person to talk about stuff I have no clue about. So at least you know that you’re getting a legitimate perspective based on experience here.

While you could have a good time in either place, I don’t actually think they really compare. In my view, the one is so far ahead of the other that it is very easy to draw a quick conclusion. But for the benefit of people reading this who haven’t been to either place, I will do my best to really get into the differences between Angeles and Pattaya.

Prostitution in Pattaya and Angeles City

Pattaya and Angeles City have a lot of things in common. The most glaring to me is that they both have their origins as sex destinations in the presence of the US military. Pattaya was just a sleepy little fishing town before US soldiers started showing up there during the war in Vietnam. Angeles City was a bigger place for much longer. But it also became prominent after the US military was stationed there.

Remember that back in the day, the army was mainly just men. When you have a lot of guys packed up in a single area, some of them are going to start looking for pussy. That’s what happened in both Pattaya and Angeles City. And some local people helped them find the pussy they were looking for. The common “tit-for-tat” exchanges began. Next thing you know, both places had all kinds of hookers in them.

southeast Asia hookers

Today Pattaya is a big resort city of about 300,000 people. Angeles City has about 100,000 more people. But it definitely isn’t a resort city. You can’t really think of any reason people would go there if it wasn’t for the chicks.

Pattaya has a very wide variety of places filled with prostitutes including:

There are tens of thousands of prostitutes working in these places. And there are even more freelancers who work on Beach Road, in the many local nightclubs, or online via Thai dating websites like Thai Friendly. Even if you lived a hundred years, you would never run out of women to have sex with in Pattaya. Plus, Pattaya has fully nude bars. You won’t find that in Angeles.

Of course, there are thousands of prostitutes in Angeles too. But besides a handful of freelancers who stand around on Fields Avenues at night or search Pina Love, they all work in go go bars. That means there isn’t a ton of variety in terms of the type of places you can meet professionals in Angeles City.

Tourism in Pattaya

Pattaya has been in the news a few times over the last few years. It usually has something to do with a western media outlet posting some click bait about a city full of hookers. Some local authorities have noticed. So they claim that either there is no sex being sold in Pattaya, or that people go there for the beautiful beaches. One tourism official said that the place was going to be totally transformed into a family tourist destination.

big tit Thai go go dancer

The truth is that there are still tons of prostitute in Pattaya and they’re the reason most guys go there. Yet things are changing. I can see it. So can expats who live in Pattaya and even the bar girls themselves. The most recent “high season” only seemed to last about a week. A lot of the bars are really quiet again already. The sex scene just isn’t what it used to be. It’s still there for sure. But it’s accompanied by group tours from China and Russian families swimming on the polluted Pattaya Beach.

So some people would probably still go to Pattaya even if all the bars and prostitutes disappeared. I would guess the Western tourists would dry up pretty quickly. But there would still be Chinese, Indian, Russian and Ukrainian tourists there using the beach and going to the huge shopping malls, markets, water parks, temples, and zoos.

Tourism in Angeles City

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone would really go to Angeles City if it wasn’t for the women in the bars there. I’m not talking about Filipinos. Some of them would still go there for work. That’s true of any city in the country. But what foreigner would travel from another country to Angeles City if the bar girls disappeared? There’s really nothing there to do there outside the bars. Even if you’re really into bar girls, it can be a very boring place to be during the day. The only real things to do are to walk over to the SM Mall or go sit in one of the bars on Perimeter Road that open during the day.

There are some golf courses around Angeles City. I don’t golf, but I think they’re mainly there for the Korean guys to have an excuse for their travels. Most guys aren’t going to say, “honey, I’m going to a third world country to have sex with hookers.” But a lot of guys will say, “honey, I’m going on a golf trip with friends.”

Which city is more relaxing?

Even though they are both tourist cities, neither Angeles not Pattaya is all that convenient. Getting to either one of the cities is a real hassle. You might expect it to be a real breeze to get there and start enjoying your holiday. But it’s just not that simple.

Most people going to Pattaya will fly into one of Bangkok’s two airports. From there, they have to take a taxi for more than two hours. Depending on where they find the taxi, they’ll pay between 1,100 and 2,000 Baht each way. That means between sixty and $120 US dollars and more than four hours tacked on to any flight.

There are buses from Bangkok to Pattaya. But who the hell wants to deal with that after flying? First you have to find the bus. Then you have to buy a ticket. Next, you have to wait for the bus. Finally, after a long bus ride, you’ll get dropped off in the middle of Pattaya. So you’ll have to find a dangerous motorbike taxi or an expensive regular taxi to take you to your hotel.

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There is also a “Pattaya airport.” But it’s not very useful. It’s not connected to many places at all. And even if you did manage to find a flight to U-Tapao Airport, you would still have to take a taxi to your room. That would take over an hour and cost around a thousand Baht!

Angeles City isn’t much better. Clark Airport is right there. But they’ve been cutting back international connections for years. So unless you’re starting out in South Korea, you’ll have to fly into Manila.

From Manila you can take a two hour taxi ride for the equivalent of about fifty dollars American. You can also take a bus. But again, who the hell wants to do that after a flight? You would have to fly into Manila. Then find your way to a bus station. Taxis would probably be involved. So you might as well taxi all the way to Angeles City!

Once you get into town, you can get around pretty easily in both places. You can basically walk anywhere you would want to go in Angeles City. All the bars are centered on a single street. You might want to take a vehicle to get from one end of it to the other though. If you stay in a decent hotel like the Lewis Grand, they will give you a ride in a newer car. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck getting crammed into these little “trike” contraptions where you pay about 100 Pesos per a ride.

Pattaya is bigger and more spread out. There will be places you don’t want to walk to. You can get around on motorbike taxis for between 40 and 80 Baht per ride. But they are dangerous vehicles in a country that has some of the deadliest roads in the world. Baht buses are better. They take set routes, and they only cost 10 Baht.

Costs in Pattaya and Angeles City

Some guys will argue with me, but I actually think Angeles City is more expensive than Pattaya. It all starts with the taxis. They already cost more than the taxis in Thailand. Next there are the hotels. I usually stay at the Lewis Grand or Angeles City Beach Club. Rooms in these places cost a hundred dollars or more a night. Sometimes way more.

When I’m in Pattaya I stay in four star hotels. But I don’t pay nearly as much as I do in Angeles City. During my last stay just a month ago, I paid less than forty bucks a night for a great room with a Jacuzzi. It was right in the middle of the action too.

If you eat Western food, prices are probably about the same. But Thai food is probably cheaper than Filipino food. You can eat local food in Pattaya for fifty cents or a dollar. Even in the big new malls! I have no idea what Filipino food costs. The only food I like there is chicken. And it’s not nearly as cheap as the 30 Baht stuff I eat in Pattaya.

What about sex? Of course the cost of sex is going to be the biggest question for a lot of guys. In Pattaya, you have so many options that it can be hard to nail down a price. In Angeles City there isn’t such a variety. So it’s easier to average things out.

Most go go bars in Angeles City charge a bar fine of 2500 to 3500 Pesos. That’s between 48 and 67 US dollars. You pay that to the bar if you want to go out with a bar girl. It’s assumed that she’ll have sex with you at least once. After, she’ll probably leave. They used to stay all night. That’s no so common anymore.

If you pick up a prostitute on the street or online, you’ll more likely pay 500 to 1500 Pesos. That’s about 10 to 30 American dollars. They’re probably more likely to stay with you all night too, if that’s what you are looking for. You might pay a little more if you pick up a prostitute in High Society. That’s pretty much the only nightclub guys go to in town.

On the low end, you can get a blowjob on Bush Mountain in Pattaya for just over $6. That’s pretty cheap. You can get a blowjob to completion in a massage parlor for 500 Baht. That’s $16 American. Or you can pick up a freelancer for around 1000 Baht. That’s 32 dollars. It’s also possible to get them for less.

I do think the Pattaya go go bars are overpriced. You pay anywhere between 3000 and 10000 Baht for sex with a girl from a go go bar on LK Metro or Walking Street. The advantage is that you can see their body before you pay. But the prices are higher than German sex saunas!

Soapy massage parlors are also expensive. They charge between 3000 and 4000 Baht. That’s 96 to 128 dollars. But you get a really great service from beginning to end. They wash you, slide all over your body butt naked, then do you in multiple positions in what is pretty much a really nice penthouse hotel room.

The real value in Pattaya is in the Soi 6 short time bars and gentlemen clubs. You can get a great blowjob in these places for 1000 baht. Or you can get regular or anal sex on top of that for just 300 Baht more. That’s only a total of 42 greenbacks! So it’s a little cheaper than an Angeles go go bar for about the same thing.

Pattaya or Angeles City: Which is better?

Thailand is richer, safer, and more developed than the Philippines. It definitely shows. The differences aren’t startling though. You can see some pretty foul stuff in either country. And as stated earlier, it can be a real pain getting to both Pattaya and Angeles City.

The women are comparable. There might be a higher percent of women with baby damage and saggy tits in Angeles City. But it’s pretty common in Pattaya nowadays too. There are also some really old women working Pattaya. That’s not so common in Angeles. You can also find beautiful, sweet, and sexy women in both cities. Just take a look at Thai porn and Filipina porn if you want an idea of what to expect.

In Angeles City, most of the women speak English. Some people say Angeles is better because of this. The reality is, you probably won’t have many stimulating conversations with go go dancers in either country. In Thailand, most of the bar girls speak broken English. But some are actually pretty good in different languages.

Overall, I think Angeles City is a little more expensive. That’s mainly because you spend more on taxis and hotels when you’re there. Those are major expenses on any trip. But if a plane ticket was way cheaper to the Philippines it might even out.

Ultimately, Pattaya is just a nice town to be in. It’s next to the beach, even though it’s not the greatest ocean front in the world. It’s also more spread out and easy to move around. It has more of a resort vibe. And maybe most importantly, it has way more women that you can meet in more ways. No matter what hour it is, you can find some women to give you sexual pleasure in Pattaya. For that and all the other reasons above, I think Pattaya is better than Angeles City.

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