South Korean book on sex with Filipinas pulled from stores

Did you hear the news? In the latest flare up of witch hunters gone wild, a book written by some South Korean dude about bar girls in the Philippines has been pulled from some book sellers after another “internet outrage.”

I haven’t read the book. I don’t think too many other people did either. It’s been out for three years. Apparently someone just came across it and didn’t like what they read. Instead of putting the book down, or even leaving a thoughtful but negative review, they took to Twitter. From there it was only a matter of time until the peanut gallery weighed in and pressured major book stores to ban the book for their virtual shelves.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Again, I’ve never seen the inside of the book. I have just seen a low resolution picture of the book’s cover. So I only know what I’ve read about it, in the words of other people. The book is being called “racist” which is probably a leap but it wouldn’t shock anyone to hear that some Korean guys look down on Filipinas. Actually, it’s pretty well known that this sort of thing is common. Wikipedia even has an entry about it.

worst thing about censorship

If the quotes the papers and website are reprinting are as bad as it gets though, I have to say I’m hardly shocked. Apparently the author of “How to Treat Bar Hostesses in the Philippines” wrote, “Once you go to the Philippines, you will soon be attracted to nightlife and meet many kinds of women there. Language won’t be a problem. A few words will be enough to communicate with them.” The horror!

“Even if you are not a womanizer in Korea, you will definitely be one in the Philippines. This is not the case only for Koreans but also Japanese and Americans.” Probably a true enough way of saying what is more or less true. A lot of dudes who don’t have much luck in their own countries find it easy to date and have sex with Filipinas.

The worst of the book’s contents I’ve seen says, “make the best use of Filipinas, who can give unforgettable memories.” That’s more awkward than anything. Assuming it’s an accurate translation, it’s a strange way to phrase things. Even when I write about blowjob bars I don’t say I “make use of the mouth.”

It could be worse

A lot of people dwelling on the internet rather than the real world might not know it, but there are tons of prostitutes in the Philippines. Taking into account the LBFM myth, there are tons of “regular chicks” in the Philippines who are banging guys all the time.

The long list of guys they are banging on the regular obviously includes a lot of foreigners. I guarantee that some of those foreigners have a superiority complex. For some it’s probably even racial. What are you going to do about it?

I don’t know the guy who wrote the book causing all the outrage here, but at least he never bought the Philippines for $20 million dollars.

Angeles City Koreatown

I found it funny that the dude who wrote the book says Koreans have it easy due to the Korean Wave. “The fact that the Korean Wave is sweeping across Asia makes you feel even more proud.” A lot of white dudes have been complaining over the last few years about a “Korean takeover” in Angeles City.

There are a lot of Korean-owned bars in Angeles City now. Some of them are karaoke spots. Others are go go bars. Usually you can get in the bars even if you’re not Korean though. Some of the chicks might not leave the bar with a guy who isn’t Korean. Either they’re not into it, the boss doesn’t want them to, they’re afraid it will put Korean customers off, or the self-flattery is true and they just can’t handle monster white ding dongs.

Whatever. There are a lot of Korean dudes floating around in Angeles City. Apparently Korean criminals are attracted to it too. It doesn’t really affect me.

It’s not like they made Angeles City worse. The place is only notable because of the bars. The bars are there because the US Army was there. The city is pretty shitty by any objective measure. If it wasn’t for the bars I doubt anyone would go there unless they had to.

Plus, the supposed “Korean takeover” of Angeles City left most things in the hands of Filipinos or other foreigners. What kind of takeover is that? It’s nothing like the mass influx of Chinese people into Sihanoukville, or even the Japanese-only places in Bangkok (not to mention Japan itself!).

It’s not all a bed of roses for Korean guys in the Philippines though. The author warns, “in the worst case, you may end up coming back to Korea after getting a woman pregnant; or you could be arrested for that.” I don’t know how many dudes are arrested, or for what, but I do know that Korean guys in Angeles have a reputation for going bareback and there are a lot of half-Korean babies around to prove that it’s at least partially true. T

This sounds worse for the kids than their Korean dads though, and the author sounds like a selfish prick. As far as I know though, it’s not illegal to be either selfish or a dickhead. If it was the streets wouldn’t be nearly as crowded. But the prisons would be overflowing worse than they already are!

Keep on truckin’

Korean pop culture is popular in a lot of Asia now. So what? It hasn’t stopped me from getting as many women as I’ve ever wanted in the Philippines or anywhere else.

I even bang chicks right in South Korea on the regular. Along the way I’ve met “Korean style” chicks and I’ve had sex with some of them. I’ve also met chicks who are totally put off by Korean pop culture and its influence. Some chicks tell me directly they don’t want guys who wear makeup and look prettier than them!

In summary I don’t give a shit about this book and neither should anyone else. You should give a shit about my books though. I haven’t written one about the Philippines yet but I’ll get around to it eventually. Especially if people keep buying my other books like “Screw Pattaya!

In the meantime just keep on trucking and don’t let the man get you down. Or the woman. Especially if she is the one who wants to control what you can and cannot read.

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