The 5 best go go bars in Angeles City

I have already taken the time to explain where the go go bars in Angeles City are and how they operate. Not much has happened since I wrote those words a year and a half ago. The city is still like it was then but a few bars have changed names and owners in the meantime. There are also a few new bars that don’t have bar fines. Otherwise all is as it was. Now I present you with my personal list of the top five go go bars in Angeles City.

Monsoon go go angeles city


Monsoon is located on Fields Avenue right across the street from the famous Kokomos hotel and restaurant which also controls its own go go bar. Monsoon is medium sized but probably has as many women working on stage as any other bar in Angeles. The ceiling is low but seating on both sides of the stage gives a good view of the stage. The girls on stage also keep rotating around the stage so that they can all be seen. There are even line changes with a second set of women coming out from the back every few minutes to take over. Some of the women are a bit pudgy or unattractive but there are also many sexy girls there. The waitresses are cool and flirty. They wear miniskirts and love to play around with the customers. A bad thing about this bar is the sneaky lighting which can conceal the saggy stomachs on some of the women.


Salambo is another bar on Fields Avenue with a big bright neon sign that can’t be missed. It is really big but the stage size is just average. There are some good looking women inside who dance. There are also some unattractive women but really that depends on who you ask. I don’t want to get down on any lady shaking her money maker to earn some money. The great thing about Salambo is how friendly everyone is. Service is also good and prices are right for the area. Salambo is one of many bars in Angeles City now that has the women wear clothes on stage. At some bars the clothes are really lame and cover everything up. At Salambo at least the ladies wear sexy looking outfits. Another good thing is that all the women on stage do a full circle around the bar after line change so that customers can see them all.


Lollipop on Fields Avenue continues to go strong. They play dance music which makes more sense than the classic rock some other bars blast. The women get into the dancing and look good doing it. There are only ever a few girls on stage but there are a lot of hot ones in the mix. There are some “spotlight dancers” that take the stage and really rock it. They are the hottest chicks in the bar. Surprisingly most of them are up for spending time with customers for three thousand pesos. They aren’t as stuck up or bar oriented as some of the other supposed models and superstars.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is located on Real Street which is one block over from Fields but there is more than one entrance so its easy to find a way in. This place has been going strong for years and it always has lots of very hot women on stage. What is amazing is that the women at Crystal Palace can actually dance. They don’t do the bored back and forth rocking that some other stage dancers do. They get into it. It’s probably the best place to go if you’re actually looking for a stage show. The ladies wear bikinis and you can actually talk to them but a high number don’t seem to be very interested in leaving the bar. There is always some shit going on with long balloons being shot back and forth between the stage and the audience. I find it to be almost as annoying as Songkran water games but I guess other people don’t otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it. The mamasans at this place are a bit aggressive too.

Red Bar

Red Bar is one of the newer bars on Fields Avenue and its easy to tell. It almost seems like a nightclub inside with loud pounding music and a party like atmosphere. Service is sometimes tough to get with so many people partying but they have some of the hottest chicks on the strip dancing on stage. The girls wear matching sets of bras and thongs which only make them look better. This place reminds me of the original old Angeles where fun was easy to have. They also have a ton of drink specials. I think the managers even make some up as the night goes on.

I’m sure there are some who will disagree with this list. I welcome their comments. Others who have never been to Angeles and want a good idea of what the city and its women are like would get a good idea from sites like PI Monger. It’s filled with pictures and videos from women who look they just popped out of a Walking Street go go bar. I’m sure at least a few came from Filipina dating sites too.

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