The 5 best go go bars in Manila

A while back I made a post explaining the ins and outs of the go go bars in Manila. There are small bars all over the city but a lot of them cater to local guys and are a little rough to say the least. The main bar areas for foreigners are the EDSA Entertainment Complex and P Burgos street. The five best go go bars in Manila in my opinion are located in those areas.

Filipina go go whore

Plan B is without a doubt the nicest go go bar in Manila. Located on P Burgos across the street from Bottoms. It is one of the newer places on the strip and it shows. Everything from the seating to the lighting and tables is top notch and that is probably why it has one of the largest and most attractive groups of women working. The three dozen or more ladies working every night are friendly and happy to sit with guys for a drink but the prices are on the high side. Bar fines are among the highest in Manila and the place only accepts cash.

Kojax is located about a block away on Badajos Street. It is right up there with Plan B in terms of looks and staff. The bar is located up a flight of stairs. It’s very modern looking and could pass as a nice nightclub if it wasn’t for the elevated stage in the middle of the floor. The seats scattered all around are comfortable and the dozens of women who work there are mostly hot. There aren’t any chubby chicks with baby bellies. The women are friendly but the prices are just as high as Plan B and the place has the same cash only policy. The only bad thing about the place is that the pillars holding the ceiling up block the view of the stage from some of the seats. The seats with the best views fill up early.

High Heels is one of the older bars on P Burgos but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has kept the old seedy charm of the area. A handful of women who are mostly good looking dance on a small stage off to the side. Some older and less attractive women roam the floor greeting guests and sometimes asking for drinks. They can get touchy feely pretty easily and it doesn’t take much for them to invite guys to the secret room in the back for a little fun. Most of the girls who dance are also up for a visit to the back room though they aren’t as aggressive in pursuing customers.

Tickles just off of P Burgos across from the Best Western Oxford Suites hotel isn’t the biggest or best bar but it has some of the hottest women on staff. There are several dozen women on stage every night and they all wear sexy little bikinis. Most are up for going out of the bar with customers but few if any will do an overnight stay. I guess they know they’re hot enough to get back to the bar and make more money.

The Cotton Club is by far the biggest and best go go bar in EDSA. All the bars in the complex are apparently owned by the same people but for some reason the hottest chicks seem to get shuffled to the Cotton Club. It could also be a numbers thing since the Cotton Club has the most women working. The bar is huge with a very long stage where over a dozen women are dancing in bikinis at all times. There are usually some slightly older but not much less attractive ladies walking around in regular clothes to chat up the customers too. Some of the women seem shy but that makes sense since they are standing on an elevated stage and dancing in small bikinis. They all seem to warm up to guys who show interest and buy them a drink. Prices are pretty low too especially when compared to the newer bars on P Burgos.

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