The best and worst things about Filipina chicks

Filipina chicks can be really great. I’ve had some of the best times of my life with Filipinas, both in and out of bed. But too much of a good thing can be bad. And there are definitely enough bad things to go around in the Philippines.

Last month I wrote about the best and worst things about Japanese chicks. The Philippines isn’t all that far away from Japan, but the places are worlds apart. The countries at extremely different ends of the development spectrum. Even beyond that the people and cultures are just totally different, even when accounting for the Japanese speaking Pinays with died hair and fake eyelashes who work the Japanese KTVs.

Like anything else you can try to generalize. But at the end of the day people are people, and individuals can always go their own way. So while I can list some things I like and dislike about Filipinas, remember that they don’t always apply. After all, I’ve met Christians in “Buddhist countries,” Chinese people who don’t like rice, and skinny chicks in America.

The worst things about Filipinas

There’s good news and there’s bad news when it comes to Pinays. I’ll give you the bad news first. Then after I get that out of the way I’ll leave you with the good news. I definitely don’t want to paint a totally bleak picture. The Philippines is no paradise and Filipinas aren’t perfect. But there are a lot of positives as you’ll see when you read on.

Here are some of the worst things I’ve noticed about Filipinas:

  • They’re too dependent
  • They’re always late
  • They have too many kids
  • They’re getting bigger

The first negative thing about Filipinas is that they can be way too dependent. You’ll rarely if ever meet a Filipina chick living on her own. They’re always shacked up with family or friends, even when they’re well into adulthood. That creeps into their personal lives in all kinds of ways. They might want to move in with you on the second date. They might show up at your door at all hours and stock your social networking pages. Or they might ask you for money all the time. Just yesterday a chick I used to bang in Manila sent me a message out of the clear blue that said, “Hey babe can you help me with anything even 5000 pesos please.” I haven’t seen her in three years.

bad girl from the Philippines

The next bad thing about Filipinas is that they’re always late. No matter how firm a plan you try to make they show up whenever they want. Even when you find Filipinas who respect your time and try to go somewhwere when they say they will, you can still end up waiting around for hours on end. That’s because the traffic in cities like Manila is so ridiculously bad that it can take three hours to get across town.

Way too many Filipinas have had kids. Forget about the social impact it has. From my perspective I can see tons of Filipina chicks who would otherwise be hot sporting terrible baby damage with saggy stomach and deflated tits that look like old fried eggs nailed to a wall. In a lot of Angeles City go go bars it’s hard to find a chick who doesn’t have a kid or three.

The final negative on my list might have something to do with all the pregnancies. Filipina chick by and large are getting too large. There are way too many fat Filipinas walking around with Jollibee bellies these days. Don’t take my word for it. Health experts have already identified an obesity epidemic in the Philippines. If I wanted to see a bunch of humongous whale-like women waddling around I would have gone to Texas.

The best things about Filipinas

Now that we’ve got all the bad stuff out of the way, we can talk about just how great Filipina chicks can be. After all, there are plenty of reasons that Filipinas are famous all over the world. A guy can show up in the Philippines one day and have a backlog of chicks to meet a day or two later. In that way it can really be a great place. The Pinays are what make it so.

Here’s a short list of the best things I’ve discovered about Filipina chicks:

  • They’re fun and friendly
  • They’re easy to meet
  • They’re committed
  • They love sex and it shows

Filipinas are some of the friendliest people in the world. A lot of them are fluent in English or close to it too. You can literally walk up to random Filipina chicks, say hi, and start chatting like you’re old pals. No one will call the cops or accuse you of being a creep just for trying to make contact with another human being of the opposite sex. If you go so far as to tell a woman you find her attractive, she’ll actually take it as a compliment too!

good Filipina girl wearing a crucifix

It’s probably easier to meet women in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re looking to hookup with a one night stand, find a short term girlfriend, or even find a wife, you can probably do it in the Philippines unless you’re a totally gross and terrible human being. From what I’ve seen with my own eyes you might still have a chance even then!

Once you do find a Filipina chick you like, you’ll often find that she’s quite committed to you. It might even be startling for younger guys from the West who are used to the random hook up culture that has set in there. Of course you can still get random casual sex too. In fact it’s so simple that men have uprooted their entire lives for a simple taste of all the pleasures of the flesh easily available across the Philippine isles.

If you’ve ever watched Filipina porn than you already now how good Pinays can be in bed. Of course watching is one thing and experiencing it is another. For the most part Filipinas love to have sex, and they’re usually pretty damn good at it too. You might find a dud, but they’re rare. In all my orgasmic experiences with Filipinas I can’t say I was ever disappointed by their abilities or eagerness. The term little brown fucking machines wasn’t coined for nothing!

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