Most celebrity women are not that hot

Here’s another not-so-obvious fact gathered on Big Enzo’s truth tour. Most celebrity women are not hot. Millions of people may be obsessed with them. They may even elevate some of them to the status of a modern day royalty. But strip away the glam, glitz and fame and you end with a bunch of average looking women.

Worse still, a lot of celebrities aren’t even that skilled in the fields that made them famous. You have the obvious untalented hags like Amy Schumer who are ugly both inside and out. But even some of the more respected stars are basically just average people who got lucky or cheated their way to the top.

That’s assuming you thinks celebs are actually at the top. I guess in our sick society they are. Though in any kind of rational situation doctors who help babies would be elevated as heroes while entertainers would be relegated to the level of your friendly neighborhood birthday clown. After all, what’s more important? Curing childhood cancers or making fart jokes on the big screen? Ask Adam Sandler. He’ll tell you if he can find the time to stop counting his millions.

Americans hottest top shit head

Lists of the hottest people are a joke. Famous women who are supposed to be great beauties are totally average. Lets look at Blake Lively and Kate Beckinsale. I’ve seen way better looking chicks in German sex saunas. And I fucked them for fifty bucks each. So what exactly are we talking about?

ugly on the inside

In total honesty I had to google hot celeb lists to even come up with those names. I left America behind years ago and never looked back. Since I live a life of constant travel I do not have a television. I wouldn’t watch one if I did. I am too busy reading books and looking for more women to have sex with. I do go the occasional movie, but I don’t really care who stars. No one has made a film worth caring about in 20 years anyway.

Sure I know the really famous women. Scarlett Johansen, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox. I am not even sure why I know them though. I don’t go in for any American pop culture at all. So it’s kind of scary that these names have still seeped into my brain. I guess it’s just another form of cultural imperialism. I’d rather save the brain space for memories of sex with the three sisters I banged.

Sisters, mothers, stars: who cares?

By the way, those sisters were at least as hot as most celebrity women. Probably hotter. Celebrities are just regular people who got famous. It doesn’t mean they are better than you and me. It doesn’t even mean they are better looking. Sure I’d take a head job from Amber Heard. But I’d take one from your mother too. So who cares?

The real shame is that anyone does. Even as an outsider in far away lands, I am bombarded with American celebrity bullshit anytime I try to read the news. It’s bad enough that I get bombarded with information about people like Mia Khalifa. I don’t need to know Gal Gadot’s hair brained views on a war in the middle east. In fact, I don’t even want to know that this bitch exists on the same planet as me.

America’s greatest accomplishment was breaking away from the rule of King George III. Now we have an entire industry that tells us the comings and goings of famous people like this matters in any way. Sadly this horse shit even washes up in far away lands like Thailand. So a taxi driver who can barely feed his kids will give you his opinion on Taylor Swift’s new album. Worse still, tens of thousands of dummies will pile up in extreme heat to hear her shitty music and die in the process. What a world we live in.

Celebs are nothing special

Half the reason people go crazy over celebrities is that they are convinced these people are great looking. But in fact it’s just not true. Even if we ignore Angelie Jolie cutting off her tits and Mila Kunis refusing to wash her ass regularly we are still left with mostly average looking people.

I’ve been all around the world. I’ve had sex with hundreds upon hundreds of women. And I’ve seen even more. One of the most beautiful ladies I have ever encountered was a prostitute in Thailand. Another was a prostitute from Spain. These are just a few of the many beauties I’ve met.

I’ve had sexual relations with actresses, politicians and more. The plain folk were the best folk, overall. Not only were they better and more accessible than stuck up celebrities they were also objectively more physically attractive overall. I don’t care about famous people. I’m more interested in regular women, whores, and other assorted scumbags of my own ilk.

I don’t understand hero worship. All my heroes are dead. So I was lucky enough not to meet them. I have had run ins with a few celebrities. They left me feeling bored or in some cases disgusted. If I am going to waste my time with famous people I’d rather be meeting Japanese porn stars. At least I might get something out of that. I mean Pam Anderson was always overrated, but at least she had the decency to do porn.

I don’t watch TMZ or read People. I spend my money on people who deserve it. People who cook food and suck dick for money are more valuable than actors or actresses. I don’t have any special feelings towards people who pretend to fly through the sky in banal movies made for low IQ audiences. The real super heroes volunteer to help the poor. And at least a hooker will pretend to enjoy the taste of my sperm. That’s worth more than anything famous people have to offer.

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