NYC is going nuts over massage

New York City is a dump. It always has been and everyone knows it. You might figure that people living in such a hell hole would be immune to petty vice. In some ways they are. After all, New York recently voted to legalize drug use. But when it comes to prostitution, that is where New Yawkas draw the line.

The latest outrage that has the famously thick skinned people of NYC up in arms is the claim that a particular street has become a prostitution hot spot. The story has been blown up and pushed by the city’s biggest and most trusted paper. It has since been carried by the national news equivalent, so you know the drama is real.

The claim is that Roosevelt Avenue has been transformed into little more than an open air brothel. Now I’ve been to real open air brothels. Soi 6 in Pattaya comes to mind. But there are many others. While there are plenty of places in New York where you are likely to get mugged or beaten, I’m here to tell you that there are no open air brothels in New York.

What is going on?

What actually exists, by all credible accounts, is a street where some women stand and offer massages to guys who pass by. In more civilized cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, and even Chiang Mai, this is just a fact of life. Any single man who wanders past an oily massage parlor in Thailand can expect to have ladies call out to him. You know the refrain. “Hansum man.. massaaaaaaa!” No big deal.

No one cares in any of those places because Asian massage chicks are awesome. Besides, they’re just trying to make a living. And they’re not harming anyone at all. If you don’t want a massage, you don’t get a massage. And if a chick doesn’t want to work in a massage parlor, she doesn’t. It’s that simple.

legalize prostitution meme

Not so fast in the city that never sleeps! There, women offering to rub a guy’s body for money is apparently ripping apart the very fabric society. And what a society it is! In a place where 1615 rapes take place a year people are really worked up that someone might be paying for a happy ending. Can you imagine?

Well you don’t have to. This is the reality. The narrative being pushed by the anti-sex brigade is that the city decided to stop prosecuting sex workers and “brothels” instantly showed up soon after. Good job there if true! Selling sex shouldn’t be a crime. But in reality is that cops just raided a “cathouse” right before this story hit the internet.

Cock and bull

What else? Well of course there’s a bunch thrown in there about “human trafficking.” Gotta have that. Obviously, forcing anyone to do any kind of work against their will is wrong. America knows that better than anyone, right? But what is the reality here? Are we to believe that women who are shown standing on an open street in the biggest city in the country with countless people passing by on a regular basis are actually trapped? Every one of them?

So they are fully capable of “disturbing the neighborhood” by calling out to every Tom, Ricardo and Harry who walks by to offer sex, but they cannot let anyone know that they are in trouble? Not one of them could ask for help from any of the people, including cops, we see walking by in the videos now making the rounds on the internet? Could it be, just maybe, that some or even all of these women chose to work in massage parlors? And what about the possibility that giving massages isn’t the worst job in the world anyway? As gross as they are, I’d rather massage the kind of fat ugly American chicks complaining in the paper than clean sewers or work in a uranium mine. Wouldn’t you?

Finally, the upstanding moralists who have done no wrong bring up the one thing that is most important: the children. Won’t someone think about the children? Some busybodies tell us that the supposed prostitutes standing in the streets are aggressive prostitutes who are pestering kids. We hear that they hand out business cards with sexy chicks on them to underage boys. One even says that their son was offered a massage.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe it. A massage woman who is already on the edge of society in a place where most people berate and hate her has absolutely nothing to gain by pandering to someone who isn’t even a man yet. Here’s what I think probably happened. Some kids probably found some cards on the ground and showed them to their friends. A parent found out and went ape shit. All this in a country where almost every kid has a smartphone and the internet is saturated with porn. And where parents ignore their kids in favor of said smartphones.

Get real

Some countries are sensible enough to get things right. They’ve legalized sex work. Sex workers get tested for diseases regularly. Everything is open to inspection and on the up and up. Women who want to sell sex do. Guys who want to pay for sex do. And the whole industry is kept off limits to kids. You know, just like cigarettes and alcohol in America.

An incredible fifteen percent of kids in New York are in poverty. The schools are crumbling. Violence and crime is an every day occurrence. If you ask me, a consenting adult woman stroking off a consenting adult man for money is the least of the worries. If that’s even what is happening!

I’ve been to New York before. Like any city in America it has massage parlors. Some women in some of those places probably massage wieners for tips. I’m willing to be some of them even suck dick and ride on them too! This is the way of the world and the world’s oldest profession. It’s not going away any time soon. The sensible thing to do would be to deal with it. But while Americans are getting down with drug use it seems they will never accept any exchange of money for sex.

Unless we’re talking about strip clubs. Or the gigantic American porn industry. Or celebrity moms and daughters selling their naked pictures on OnlyFans. You know, good old-fashioned wholesome all-American stuff like that.

Wish you were her

Few people would care about my thoughts on this matter even if they are right on the money. I don’t let that stop me from writing out my opinion here anyway. Being popular doesn’t make you right. Being right doesn’t make you popular. Here’s the good news. If you’ve read this far than you’ve at least got the brain power to consider that things might not always be as they are portrayed in a shitty newspaper from a hellhole of a town.

I left America when I was 19 and I will never move back. The place was already getting bad when I hit the bricks. But at this point it actually terrifies me. I personally think you would have to be out of your mind to go to a prostitute in America. When the 59th richest person in the country is spied on and raked over the coals for purchasing a good time, can you imagine what is in store for a regular guy? Fuck that. I’d rather fuck my own hand!

I find it funny that some people seem so concerned about sex above everything else. Especially since each and every one of us alive today is the product of a nut busted into a cunt. Is it really such a big deal? Why is it that people who wear shoes, socks, pants and shirts manufactured in sweatshops by women making pennies are so peeved about women making hundreds of dollars cranking cocks by hand?

I may not be able to explain every crazy thing in the world today. But I do my best to identify and avoid them. This is just self preservation. Not all are built for my lifestyle of constant travel and sex. On the other hand, I am not built for life in a place where an entire city seems to lose its mind over a handful of chicks who are supposedly giving happy endings. No ma’am! I’ll be staying out on the road.

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