The easiest cities to have sex in America

Do you know the easiest city to have sex in America? You might think of New York, Miami or Los Angeles right off the bat. And you might be right. Or you might live in the middle of nowhere and think “anywhere but here.” You could be correct about that too. Or not. I have traveled the world, but I have also been through most of the United States. I have even surprised myself with some of the places I found chicks. Today I will tell you about them.

If you have been here before then you probably know my story. I hate to repeat it but I figure I should at least make mention since new people come here all the time. When I was 19 I realized the rat race wasn’t for me. So I packed up my bags and embarked on a life of constant travel and sex that continues to this day.

So I moved out of America and I will never move back. I am quite happy living and fucking in third world hellholes. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t go to America to visit sometimes. And while I am there you can bet that I look for women to have sex with.

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You never know what you will find, like that super sexy Indian chick dancing naked at the Paradise Saloon in Lawrence, Kansas. I mean, who in the hell would expect that? Or a bunch of casual sex and no-strings blowjobs in the Cornhusker State? Well, I’ll get to that soon.

I temper my efforts depending on how long I will be in America. If I come for a week to visit family I don’t really bother at all. I know that I can fly to Thailand when it is all over with and stop into any of the many blowjob bars in Bangkok for a quick nut. But if I am staying around for a month or so I break out Tinder and start swiping past the land whales.

I have done better in some places than others. I have usually been able to find at least some kind of action though. Today I will tell you about the cities that stand out for repeated success. I mention these places not to brag but because I think they are two of the easiest cities for any man with deodorized armpits to get screwed.

Easy sex in New York, New York

New York City has always been the easiest city in America for me to have sex. I travel there pretty often and I even lived in the city for a short while. The place is a filthy dirty dump with an absurdly high cost of living. But it is also home to millions of women from all over the world. Lots of them are hot, horny and open to fuck guys like me. Little to no effort or money was ever required on my part. Well except at the massage parlors but that is for another story.

At one time when I was camped out in NYC I actually had 4 girlfriends at the same time. The city is so big and full of people that it wasn’t hard to set up or even maintain. The biggest difficulty came the time I decided to try to fuck them all within a 16 hour period. I did get my dick in every one of them that day, but looking back all I can remember now are the long taxi and train rides. So it probably wasn’t worth the effort.

New York City is by far the biggest city in America. At least when you include the surrounding areas. And you should, because anyone with a couple of bucks can get all the way from Jersey City out to the edge of Long Island or even up to Connecticut! When you want to get fucked, it pays to be flexible. I am not ashamed to admit that I once road a train from Penn Station all the way up to Stamford to bang an Ecuadorian college student I met online.

Nowadays I probably wouldn’t travel more than a few minutes but that’s only because sex is second nature. During harder times I went wherever the pussy was. A cool thing about NYC is that you can get all around by train, taxi and Uber. Chicks don’t usually expect you to have a car or even a house there because everything is so expensive. So if you set up in an AirBNB and rent a vehicle you’re already looking like top tier to a lot of the locals and a significant number of tourists.

I can’t say that I have a ton of advice about meeting chicks in New York. I have been utilizing the internet there for many years. Way back in the day it was sites like Asian Avenue. Then Myspace, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, etc. Now you have even better options like the Tinder app for the short attention span millennials and even older chicks looking for younger guys. I normally just talk like a regular human being, ask them to meet in a park or cafe, and then go from there. I am never hard pressed, and maybe they know that.

That could be why I always have such good results in New York. Or it could be that there are just so many women there that I am bound to succeed. There are literally millions of women at my finger tips. If one doesn’t like me I just move on to the next.

Easier sex in Omaha, Nebraska

When I started out on the road I was dead broke. At one point I was even reduced to $3 blowjobs in dimly lit alleys. Eventually I got my act together and figured out how to make reliable income. After I got established I decided to travel back to America for an epic road trip. I left defeated but returned triumphantly.

I flew into New York, rented a Mercedes SUV from SIXT, and then set out on an epic adventure. It ended up lasting almost 4 months and I even returned the car late. One reason for that was that I got hung up in Omaha, Nebraska. You might wonder why I would stop there. Don’t laugh when I tell you it was for the sex.

If you don’t know much about Omaha you are not alone. It is a small town in a small state in the middle of America. I mean this is literally fly over country. I never had any plans to go there. It just happened to be along my route. I didn’t even expect to meet any women there. So imagine my surprise when I ended up banging 10 and getting my cock sucked by a couple more. And all this was without as much as even going on a real date!

I still remember getting into a hotel room, eating pizza and wondering what kind of women were around. I opened Tinder and started swiping. I pretty much tried every chick who wasn’t revolting. I mean it is Omaha after all. Within a few minutes a chick in her late 20’s matched me. Since I didn’t give a fuck either way and had nothing to loose I used a ridiculous line that has only ever worked for me in Bangkok. “Hi I am Lorenzo. I like blowjobs, anal sex and Japanese food.”

Instead of blocking me, she wrote back “Me too. Except for Japanese food.” It was almost too good to be true. I got her number and called her. She was really a woman and she invited me over to try out her blowjob skills. She lived in an apartment complex but I was still super skeptical. I remember that my heart was actually beating on the way over to her place. That hasn’t happened to me since I was a teenager getting ready to move in for a kiss.

When I pulled in to the parking lot it was well lit with tons of people around. I knocked on the door and she was who she said she was. She shooed away a nasty shedding cat from her couch. Without much small talk I took off my pants and sat there with a hard on waving in the wind. She came over, kneeled down, and sucked me until I came in her mouth. Then she poured me some iced tea.

I am going to be honest and tell you that this first chick was on the chubby side. I have no reason to lie about it. But hey, a mouth is a mouth. At least she wasn’t a single mom with tattoos and a meth addiction. And I am glad I went over and sprayed down her tonsils. Because it set the stage for what became an incredible period in my life. In just over a week I had my dick in a dozen different women. All this in middle America!

I have only been back to Nebraska two more times since my initial visit. I did a repeat fuck with a then-college chick now professional office worker. But I also met even more women. And I am telling you the truth when I say that this is about the easiest place I have ever found sex in the United States. At least if we break it down in relation to the size of the city and the local population.

This might have something to do with Omaha being a sort of nowhere city with little international exchange. When an out of towner rolls through it might seem like something special. Or maybe the local guys are just too shy to take advantage of all the horny heffers in town. I can’t call it either way. I can only tell you that getting sex in Omaha has been incredibly easy for me on every single visit.

Nothing special has ever been required me of me. The most work I ever put in was with the college student who wanted to meet near the river and walk around for a while. Eventually I bought her a can of coke. Then we went to her room and had sex. She had hairy armpits that went with her alternative vibe. But they didn’t stink so I didn’t mind. For some reason she did shave her bush though. I remember distinctly pulling out and jizzing over a bunch of stubble. Only in America!

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