Are cam girls whores?

This is one of those burning questions that keeps me up at night. Are cam girls whores? When the webcam craze first started a lot of people were throwing around the term “cam whore.” They used it for adult cam models, but they also used it for girls who were obsessed with taking duck face selfies.

The two variant points how now converged onto a point known as Instagram. The average American chick now takes pictures of her ass with a thong wedged between the cheeks then posts it on Instagram in exchange for “likes” that are of no monetary value. Meanwhile professional and part time Asian cam girls are trying to trade double penetration dildo shows for real cash. The worlds have collided but there is still some difference.

Even as OnlyFans accounts and Sugar Baby dating are becoming popular and mainstream in the west a lot of chicks still think they are above and beyond actual prostitution. If you come right out and offer them money for sex they will get offended or worse. Then they’ll make an upskirt video and broadcast it free to 59,203 weirdos on Tik Tok. Are they whores, hookers, sluts or just girls next door? Does it really matter?

What is a hooker anyway?

It’s like the old question over whether or not porn stars and prostitutes are the same thing. The prior always said no. Then a bunch of them started escorting. So what do they say now? What about the cam models which are the subject here? Has hyper-capitalism transformed us all into prostitutes in one way or another? Am I getting too deep? At the end of the day, does any of this really matter?

Asian whore asses

As I have said in the past, I don’t even really like the term whore that much. At the same time, I am not against people who want to call a spade a spade. Words do have meaning, and some of that is outside of our own influence and desires. If you want to say Asian cam girls are really Asian cam whore I am not going to hold it against you. The cam girls might though. Then you might get booted and banned from their rooms. So you’ll be stuck humping your pillow. I’d rather be able to chat and interact with butt naked Asian babes while I wank off. At least if I can’t get access to the real thing.

Never ending trail of Asian tail

I can never get enough sex, and I particularly like Asian pussy. So a lot of times I end up firing up my laptop and watching Asian cam girls even after I fucked one, two or three Asian chicks earlier the same day. What else am I going to do? Learn gourmet cooking or practice playing the cello? No thanks. I do what feels good. And that’s Asian punani, from the front, back or side. I love it and that is just never going to change.

A lot of Asia sucks. Especially the third world areas. That’s the hard truth that the snake oil salesmen peddling get rich quick digital nomad schemes won’t tell you. But I am not them, so I give it to you straight. At the same time, Asian women are the best women and no one else comes even remotely close. So I want to be connected to this part of the world at all times, even if it is only through cheap sex cams.

The saddest times of my life came when I was outside of Asia. I have never felt so cold or alone as the days after I have stepped away from my nonstop sexual escapades in Asia and taken trips to parts of the world where it is amazing to see a single sexy woman with long black hair. How sad for the people who spend their whole lives in these complete and utter hellholes. Who needs high quality healthcare when you can have higher quality hole?

Now I am much better off. I can get back to civilization when I want to get a checkup from a doctor who actually studied instead of cheating. While there, I can get my vitals checked by a nurse who knows not to break patient privilege. Then I can video chat with a bunch of Asian cam girls while I wait for my flight back to the backwaters where the rivers flow with shit and the streets overflow with wet Asian slit. This is what being a modern man is all about.

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