Daisy sex toy review

One man’s perfect ass is another dude’s dumpy trash. We all have our opinions. And opinions are like assholes. I like assholes. And I like asses. So I was thrilled to try out the new Daisy sex toy. This thing is a booty lover’s dream. It’s as big around as your dream girl’s rear end with twice the jiggle. You almost can’t believe this thing came from a factory when you first get your hands on it. When you get your dick in it things become even more unbelievable.

As much as I enjoy having sex with a woman there are times when I just want to bust a nut. Sometimes I’ll reach for the lotion and do a quick knuckle shuffle just to get the poison out. But when I want to truly unload I prefer pulling out a nice big sex toy that I can really plow. Daisy is all that and then some. This is the best male sex toy I have had the pleasure to defile.

daisy big booty sex toy

This isn’t some disposable plastic egg either. Daisy is gives you a handful of ass that can be squeezed, kneaded, banged hard and put away for the next adventure. This unit even comes with its own discrete storage box to use in between sessions. The geniuses behind this awesome sex toy have truly put their minds to good use.

Male sex toys are a relatively modern innovation. Sure guys were fucking banana peels and apple pies. But actual purpose made pussies and sex dolls are still pretty new. Nowadays you can get all kinds of kinky supplies. But as recently as the late 90’s you would have a hard time finding an artificial ass to fuck. Let alone a realistic butt that actually looks and feels like a woman’s backyard.

A big round ass and tight slit

The Daisy sex toy is nothing short of a modern marvel. This is basically a mirror copy of a well built woman’s midsection. It even moves and jiggles like a real chick’s ass! You can smack it and ride the wave in. Or you can just bang it in any number of positions. If you do it just right it feels like the toy is actually boning you back.

The convenience here cannot be overstated. There’s no need to date a chick or sweet talk a woman into bed. Hell, you don’t have to talk to Daisy at all. Just pull her out of the provided package, lube up her holes, and then have a great time. It’s even easier than having a call girl sent to your room. Daisy offer on-demand sex with fantastic curves and nice tight holes.

big ass sex toy

Just how big is this booty butt? Daisy has a hip circumference of over 45 inches. That’s enough to rival a big Brazilian ass like you see on Tamaravilhosaaa. It’s almost ten inches more than the Mia sex toy too. If you’re into truly big butts this sex toy is for you.

Daisy is about as good as it gets when it comes to male sex toys. The product is basically a perfectly engineered copy of a real woman’s ass. Assuming the real woman just happens to be real sexy. If more women were built like Daisy maybe I wouldn’t be sticking my cock into an artificial ass end. But hey, I am definitely not complaining. Screwing this product gives me a great deal of pleasure with each stroke.

All about the Daisy sex toy

Banging a hefty piece of ass like Daisy is not the same as an empty round of masturbation by hand. When you stroke off you’re left feeling unsatisfied. When you bust off into a nearly 50 pound hunk of flesh you feel like you’ve really done the deed. Especially when it’s a big wobbly butt like this. Doing Daisy can be a workout but it’ll totally drain your nuts as good as any woman.

Daisy is designed to match up with real anatomy. So there is a nice little waiting pussy between the legs and a tight sphincter just below that. They look pretty damn accurate from the outside. Inside they feel more like specially made toys geared to tickling your prick. When you sink your shaft into these holes you instantly start to feel great. Especially as you stroke and transfer your body heat to Daisy.

full size ass sex doll for men

Despite my feelings about anal sex I have to admit that I was pumping Daisy’s asshole within minutes of getting the toy lubed up. Don’t get me wrong. The cunt on this thing is absolutely fantastic. Even my overused dick got great enjoyment out of the built in plastic pussy. But I just couldn’t resist sliding my well lubed dong into that perfectly crafted poop chute. It was almost like the butt hole was winking at me with each stroke. I just had to try it.

Guess what? The buckeye on this sex toy is second to none. It’s like a specially designed stroker with rings that feel like they’re milking your fuck stick. Pushing in and out of Daisy’s bunghole is an exercise is absolute enjoyment. I set the toy up on the arm of a couch and really humped the hole hard. It left me tingling from my toes to the tip of my ball sack. That is no exaggeration.

Cost vs value

What would you expect to pay for such an awesome ready to bang ass? If you said five hundred bucks, then you’re just about right on the money. Like I said, this is no one time use toy. The Daisy big ass sex doll is a real investment. But is it worth it?

I can honestly say that I think this toy is way more valuable than the price might suggest. I mean where else can you get years of pure enjoyment for a mere five hundo? You can literally blow loads in this thing every day of the week. As long as you clean and dry it between rounds it will last you ages. How do you even put a price on something as great as that?

You have to watch what you buy. There are some super cheap holes on the market these days. But what they hell are they made of? And how long will they last? Daisy is constructed of FDA compliant materials to ensure safety. As long as you stay properly lubricated your dick will love the experience. This thing is the real deal.

Cleaning and care is easy. Just spray the holes out with a douche nozzle and occasionally rub the thing down with some renewal powder now and then. This is all it really takes. As long as you don’t do anything stupid like leaving Daisy out on the seat of your car in Florida it should last you quite a while. I’ve been going pretty hard on mine and it shows no signs of wear and tear at all.

So yeah, I think Daisy offers incredible value for the money. I’d be hard pressed to even imagine a better investment for the well being of your ball bag and ding dong. In my opinion splurging on Daisy is money very well spent.

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