Don’t be ashamed to use sex toys

Guys, you don’t have to be ashamed to use sex toys. Women have been getting themselves over with various vegetables and other apparatuses since at least the stone age. So why is it that some dudes even in this day and age think it’s weird or creepy to use a sex toy of their own?

I think there are a few reasons behind this:

  • Less sex toys
  • Idiotic machismo
  • Double standards

First comes the number of available sex toys. Historically, women would have had many more choices for sex toys. I mean it’s obviously easier to find something to stick in a pussy than it is to find something to stick your dick into. Women can bang themselves with anything from carrots to the back end of broom sticks. Guys might be able to stick their pricks into a pumpkin or something, but only if they took the time to make a little hole first. And how are you going to explain that jack-o’-lantern with no eyes or nose to your mom in August?

sex doll meme

Even when I was coming up you could find all kinds of dildos and vibrators ranging from glass to plastic if you knew where to look. But finding a male sex toy was pretty much unheard of. Now things are different. You can buy everything from an automatic blowjob machine to a cheap sexdoll on the internet and get them both shipped the next day. In fact there might be more male sex toys than female sex toys at this point. So this excuse has definitely got to go!

Next we have idiotic machismo. Emphasis on the idiotic part. Machismo is really nothing more than the emergance of man’s primitive tendencies amplified by the sickness of society today. If you’re a man, you’re a man. You don’t need to prove it by walking around with your chest puffed out. Or by refusing to indulge in the wonder that is today’s sex toys. Blowing a load in a big tit sex doll doesn’t change your chromosomal makeup!

I’ve always found it sort of funny that machismo seems to be biggest in parts of the world where guys do stuff like shave their legs and armpits. Or where straight guys fuck each other in the ass. Go figure!

Finally we have double standards. These can go both ways. You know how a man who fucks tons of chicks is admired as a ladies man or stud but a chick who fucks lots of dudes is derided as a slut? That’s fucked up. But so is the idea that guys who use sex toys are just incel nerds who can’t get laid. I fuck much more than the average bear but I wouldn’t hesitate to go hard on some nice plump BBW sexdolls.

Using a male sex toy basically provides a worry free and safe way to get a load off, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t let your local religious nut or online pick-up-artist turned self-righteous lunatic tell you otherwise. You don’t need to be guilty or feel bad about enjoying life and all it has to offer. We live in a time when one of those offerings is the easy availability of sex toys for men. If you get the chance, shove your cock into one of these things and have a good time doing it!

Remember when I explained why men should use sex toys? Maybe you don’t since it wasn’t necessarily the most read post on this site. But I really meant what I said. And if you read though that post you will find that my arguments are all fact-based and as on-point as usual. That doesn’t mean that any one will actually take it into account. Still the facts are the facts and I can at least be satisfied with that.

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