Fancy British cam girls mate?

There are sixty five million people in the UK. I don’t know how many of them are British. What I do know is that there are plenty of British babes showing their boobs and everything else to whoever wants to look. I’m not talking about dogging either, at least not in the old way. I guess this could be called “dogging” too. I don’t really know though. You’d have to ask a British person keyed up on the latest slang and technology.

british cam chicks

What I am talking about here is British cam babes. In other words, British chicks who get fully naked and even have sex live and on camera for the whole world to see. They don’t even require money to do it. I mean, the cam rooms are all open to the public. You only have to spend money if you want to show some love to the Brit chicks or maybe if you want to take them into a private chat or make special requests.

Since I’m a weirdo I’m tempted to do stuff like asking them to pose nude with a can of spotted dick while I have a wank. I might even ask her to put a fag in her mouth. Why not? If I’m paying I get to call the shots, right?

Truth be told I’ve never cared much for British chicks. In fact I haven’t even thought about them. I might have seen a few here and there, but I paid them no mind. So why would I now pay them some cold hard cash? Well in this case there are some good looking chicks spreading on the internet and I just can’t help myself. Can you?

I won’t be making any special trips to the land of constant rain but that’s the beauty here. I don’t have to go all the way to dreary old England just to see some English chicks in the buff. What else would I go there for anyway? I’m not a fan of baked beans.

Whoever writes the live British babes blog might be a big fan of the whole kit and caboodle. I can’t be sure, but if we ever get to talking I’ll ask him if he likes British food as much as he likes British boobs. I am going to go ahead and guess no, but who knows? I see British breakfasts all over Southeast Asia so somebody must be eating that stuff.

My interaction with the United Kingdom is more or less limited to looking at the BBC homepage once in a while and watching the occasional sex video on It’s pretty surprising seeing amateur British mums set up cameras to record themselves getting banged from the back. Or at least it should be. I’m not really surprised by anything anymore. The internet and spending a lot of time in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia has really done a number on my head!

Some might say my mind have sufficiently been freed. One thing is for sure, I can never go back. Or if I do somehow manage to go back, things will never be like they were before.

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