Finding free sex in the UK

The main content of this website consists of sex in its various forms all around the world. Since I am a horny guy like anyone else, a lot of it is based on my experiences meeting women in various countries. A lot of that has to do with paid sex, for a couple of reasons. But I have also talked about scoring sex for free which can be pretty easy depending on who you are and where you are looking.

Early on I decided that I wanted to explain all the basics of paid sex. I used to tell guys back home about stuff like blowjob bars and Thai gentlemen clubs only to receive blank stairs. Some of the guys would get really interested and ask more. Originally I would send them links to some of the original websites on the subject. Then I realized that I might as well just write it all out myself.

I was already engaged in online work. So I figured it would be easier to write everything I knew out once. That way I could just pass on a link to an established and published piece of work, instead of repeating myself over and over. So far it has turned out pretty well. I have spread a lot of the knowledge I have acquired and gained a voice to express my outlook and opinions.

Free and paid sex

Long before I left home and set out around the world to live the way I wanted, I already knew how to get lucky with ladies. Well, getting lucky isn’t really a phrase I used. I don’t think luck has much to do with it at all. I have never had trouble getting with women. It’s a craft I picked up early on and ran with.

easy slag from the UK

The truth is that you can score sex pretty much anywhere in the world. Even in Antarctica there have got to be some researchers who have horny thoughts of their own. America is its own basket of problems these days, but you can still get your dick wet there with a little effort. The main issue for me is balancing the work required and the reward.

Paid sex offers a real convenience. It can also help clear the conscience, believe it or not. While many so-called “pickup artists” talk down on guys who pay for sex, just think about what exactly it is they do. How can guys who use trickery and deception to get women in bad judge other men who engage in financial transactions between mutually consenting adults? It just doesn’t make sense.

Finding free sex in the United Kingdom

I like Europe quite a bit. It’s a nice place to visit and you can find quite a lot to do. On top of that, most European countries have plenty of hot chicks in them. Over half have some form of paid sex too. So even if you strike out, you can always rest assured that there is some pussy available to you anyway. In a lot of countries it’s even legal and organized, which takes away a lot of worries.

I don’t think the United Kingdom gets enough credit as a place to find sex. Reading my recent posts on dogging in the UK and even hooking up with horny British GILFs should show you that there is a lot on offer. If that doesn’t convince you, just read the Free Sex Contacts Blog. There’s a lot going on over there in the UK!

Any time you go to Pattaya you see lots of British guys there. If you talk to them, many will bemoan the state of affairs in their own country at least in terms of getting sex. It’s hard not to notice that they’re not all in the best state either. But that is bound to be the case in most situations of the kind. I can say that guys in the UK are lucky enough to have a lot of options to find free sex. They can also hook up with a prostitute pretty easily, as it is legal in the UK at least in some forms. It could be worse. Just ask any guy in Iowa.

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