How I make money online in 2023

I’ve been writing here since 2014. I’ve told you tales of my sexual adventures all around the world. Some of you have asked how I was able to afford my life. I tried to answer but apparently that wasn’t good enough. Because people keep asking me how to make money online. When I was 19 I gave up on the rat race in America, packed up, and headed out on a global adventure that continues to this day.

I am no guru selling a get rich quick scheme. In fact I have nothing to sell you at all. All I can say is that it definitely is still possible to make money online in 2023. I’m living proof of that since all of my income comes from online sources. I don’t even like talking about this stuff much. But people keep asking how to make money online so I will do my best to come up with an answer.

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There are as many ways to make money here on the internets as there are back there “in real life.” I don’t know much about stuff like outsourced work and freelancing. I just know that it exists. But that all sounds too much like real work to me. I’m more of a minimal input maximum output kind of guys. I aim for passive income and avoid piecemeal payments.

My Uncle Philip used to say that work is for suckers. Of course he’s doing 25 to life now, but that’s another story. The point is that I’ve discovered a way to live the lifestyle I want with minimal effort. I put in a few hours of work a month max, if you can call what I do work at all. And I make enough money for a life of constant travel and sex.

Easiest ways to make money online

The surest way to make money over the internet is to work. Millions of people now work from home, doing the same drudgery they used to do in an office in the comfort of their own pajamas. Others put their skills to work and do things like teach English online. Again, this is too close to real work for me. Anything that requires a schedule or involves someone telling me what I can and can’t do will not fly with me. But hey, a lot of guys aren’t built for this.

The absolute easiest way to make money on the internet is to stream on an adult webcam site. At least if you are a female woman with breasts and a vagina. I’ve known a lot of women who have gone this route. And most of them have made major bank. One chick I used to screw made 4000 bucks in her first few days and she wasn’t even that hot!

The absolute easiest way to make money on the internet is to stream on an adult webcam site.

Others who lack the womanhood and/or lady bits can make a lot of money this way too, but it usually requires some sort of gimmick. No one is going to pay to watch a flabby average guy beat his dinky dick off over a low resolution webcam. But a guy with ripped abs who is hung like a horse can make an easy living beating his meat off for money. Same goes for a dude who has a sexy woman licking his nuts for tips. You just have to be creative.

An example of this in practice is the legendary Cheesburger Jesus. He’s a totally run of the mill American guy from the Midwest. But he has a bunch of Colombian chicks who will fuck and suck him on cam every day. So he is able to make a living while pursuing his pussy pounding passion. A true example of the American dream if ever there was one!

If you think you have what it takes to get paid for masturbating in public sign up for a broadcaster account at Chaturbate and try your luck. Don’t masturbate in public places though. Otherwise you might end up next to my old Uncle Phil. I don’t personally beat my meat or bang chicks on webcam but that’s only because I am too lazy. So I just write about it here instead.

Side hustles

I know what you’re thinking. How does Lorenzo Enz actually make money? I don’t want to give away my full program because I don’t need the competition. So I will just give you a rundown and overview that explains the general basis of my livelihood. It all revolves around the internet and requires just a bit of actual activity. This frees up most of my time to hunt for poon.

As you could probably guess I don’t make most or even much of my income from this website. I write here mainly for fun. And because I got tired of emailing each of my friends back home with my wild and wacky sex stories. But I do make a couple of bucks from this site even though blogging is a dying art form. I’m also limited by the content I post here. Fed Ex doesn’t want to run ads on a website that talks about banging 3 sisters. That’s why I run ads for sex sites like Sakura Live instead.

easy internet marketing book

Read this book if you want to learn about making money online.

Affiliate programs are one way to make money on the internet. On the one hand this avenue has been done to death. On the other hand you can still actually make money this way in the right circumstances. When a guy on Youtube with 400,000 subscribers posts links to “his favorite products” in the video descriptions it’s usually so he can get a cut of what his viewers spend. The same thing applies to blogs and websites though as we’ve already discussed blogs are pretty much dead or dying at this point.

Don’t let me discourage you though. If you are serious about writing or creating videos and making a living from it you might be able to pull it off. If you want to go this route, I would strongly suggest checking out “Easy Internet Marketing” by Teddy Sulli. It is by far the best thing I have ever read on the subject.

Adult affiliates

I still promote some porn too but that’s more out of inertia than anything else. I was already promoting pay porn sites so I figured I might a swell bring them up on a site like this. That way I can get a couple of bucks each month if people actually sign up for memberships through the links I post. The best thing about porn affiliate programs is that they usually offer rev share.

Affiliate programs aren’t only for intangible “e” products though. There are also affiliate programs for selling real life stuff. That is easier to do. People can pirate porn movies but you can’t download a dehumidifier. Amazon’s affiliate program is probably the most well known and popular. But they only pay like 4% from each sale, plus they don’t accept degenerates like me into their network. So I promote my favorite Japanese condoms instead.

You can also make money by writing and publishing your own eBooks like I have done with Screw Kuala Lumpur. Again, you’re not going to replace your income from your job at the Tesla factory with this. But it is a way to get generate some ongoing income each month. No one actually reads anymore. But if you manage to come up with an interesting enough cover you might be able to hook in some clout chasers who want to put your book on their digital bookshelf.

How I actually do it

Now that I’ve gotten all those minor things out of the way I can tell you about my income source. I won’t tell you what I sell, where I get it, or how I sell it. Again, I don’t need the competition. But I can give you a general idea.

I sell a mix of physical and virtual products over the internet in a mostly automated setup. Occasionally I have to check in to make sure everything is alright or iron out a problem. Mostly though people go there and buy stuff and then they receive it. Every few days I get a payout of what is due to me. And that’s really it!

I mean I had to build up the thing to get it going. I had to source the products and establish a drop shipping pipeline. So when a customer places an order their shipping info goes to the manufacturer. The manufacturer sends direct to the customer and gets paid for their product. I get whatever is left. Minus taxes, fees, and various payments to virtual assistants. But it’s still more than enough for the kind of life I like to lead.

In fact I earn more than a lot of my buddies back home in middle America. That’s pretty sad too. Because some of them do really important jobs that are required for society to function. Meanwhile I run all over the world fucking chicks and beating my dick in 5 star hotels without a care in the world. Worse still are the poor souls who made the clothes I’m wearing and even the phone I’m writing this on in some god forsaken sweatshop for pennies. Life isn’t fair at all.

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