How to meet adult webcam models

Did you ever wonder how you could meet adult webcam models in real life? Sure it’s fun to check out cam sites to see a bunch of hot naked chicks. But what if you want to go the next step further and meet some of these chicks in the flesh?

Obviously I am not talking about doxxing, stalking, or any insane and illegal shit like that. I’ll leave that for the guys into live humiliation webcams. Here I am talking about maintaining some civility while still getting in touch with the chicks that make you touch yourself. Believe it or not, but this can be done.

I’ve already told you how to meet Japanese porn stars. That’s actually not so difficult. Meeting adult webcam models is a lot harder. But it definitely can be done. Here’s the proof!

Meeting American webcam models

America is probably the central location of nude cam models in the world. Why wouldn’t that be so? Electricity and the personal computer were both invented in the good old US of A. Plus there are a lot of chicks in America who want to make money. Since prostitution is illegal porn and cams are the next best thing. So there are bunches of American webcam models!

Now we can debate whether or not chicks who finger fuck themselves while live streaming are actually “models” or not. Some call them cam whores, camgirls or cammodels, and some call them adult entertainers. Let’s just say these women get naked on webcam and empty dudes of their money and their semen.


Meeting American cam models is a trend that comes and goes. In the earliest days the few cam models out there were like big stars you could never hope to meet. Then My Free Cams came along and it got easier to meet cam girls again. Lots of American models on MFC would auction off dates to the highest bidder in their live streams. Or they would do a raffle and give away a “date” with a tipper. What went on in those dates? Mostly I think they were more just like friendly meet and greets. But I am sure at least a few dates ended with a guy getting his cock wet.

I don’t see many cam models giving away dates any more. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to meet top cam models at public events. Things like the AVNs, XBIZ, InterNext, Exxxotica, Adult Con, and the Adult Entertainment Expo give you a chance to meet your favorite American cam models and porn stars in person.

Other parts of the world

There are also some shows in other parts of the world like Taboo in Canada and Sexpo in Australia. These shows are actually sponsored by My Free Cams so you know you are going to find lots of MFC models at both. But of course you’re not going to get anything more than a handshake.

Asia has a lot of cam girls too. A good number of them also do other kinds of sex work whether that is porno, prostitution or some combo of all three. You’re not likely to see Japanese models from Sakura Live sucking cock at a pink salon. But there is a decent shot at seeing some of the Filipinas from Bar Girl Cams doing some dancing at a go go. The hint is right there in the name.

Stuff like that is totally hit or miss though. It can happen but it’s not too common. I spend a major chunk of my life watching porn, beat off to cam models, or prowling for poon in the bars of Southeast Asia. I’ve only run into a few cam models this way. One was a semi-popular but average looking Thai porn star with big fake tits who did scenes for Tuk Tuk Patrol and some other sites. I found it funny that she was making thousands from her Only Fans account each month since she offered me an actual in the flesh fuck for 1500 Baht. That’s like $45 in American money.

A better way to meet Asian cam models is to focus on the lesser known more amateur chicks who incidentally also tend to be some of the hottest. You see those Filipina chicks at the bottom of the rankings on sites like Chaturbate. It’s easy to talk to them because their rooms are usually empty and they’re hard up for tips. If you’re actually in the Philippines it’s sometimes possible to arrange for in person meetups. I have done it a few times and it was pretty fun. Though I don’t know if it was worth the added expense when dating in the Philippines is so damn easy.

The infamous John Tron from Asian Sex Diary has managed to meet a few southeast Asian cam models over the years. I have to assume he pays them since he fucks them on video and uploads the contents to his website. But this is at least proof of concept. I don’t think me and John are the only two guys who have ever managed to meet an Asian cam girl in real life. What do you think?

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