How Will Virtual Reality Impact Relationships?


In today’s world, there are several factors which are changing how human interactions are carried out when compared to those in the past. Three of the most crucial elements are the internet, technology, and social media. Any or all of them are forever reshaping relationships between people. One of the reasons social media is so widely used and popular is because of what it delivers. It allows anyone to connect regardless of their geographical location. It also helps bring individuals together that otherwise may never meet.

Perhaps it is why social media platforms are so interconnected with dating sites. Both of which have made hooking up, sex and relationships more attainable. It appears the next level in love and partnerships is virtual reality. More so for folks who find themselves in long distance relationships. Coincidentally, for those who want to meet, interact and get to know others better. Evidence of how virtual reality is impacting and revolutionizing the way individuals and couples communicate is already out there.

The best way to understand this is by putting on a pair of VR headsets. Once a person does so, they can enter the realm of virtual reality. It is in that prism where users get to see firsthand what the fuzz is all about. Those who have tried VR compare it to being in another alternate reality. Except that in this one, you can do things which are impossible to carry out in the real world. If that wasn’t enough, it is also how immersive VR is. Users are instantly mind-blown by how realistic and engrossing the images they see are. Part of the reason virtual reality is so practical is due to the graphics. It uses 2D and 3D science and technology. Some may be computer generated while others are captured using specialized cameras. In many cases, it is a combination of both.

These blow away how traditional cameras record since they can render images in several dimensions. Besides the 3D, there is also the degrees capability that VR is capable of allowing. For instance, there is a 360-degree capability. In a virtual reality realm, the user is able of viewing all points of views. There are no limitations so the viewer can turn in an unrestricted axis of rotations. Just like real life, a person can examine and look at an object or character from every point. Additionally, there is also the 180 point of view which is one of the most used. The 180-degree point of view is used primarily as a way to let the person viewing the content feel as if she is in control.

One industry which is taking advantage of this aspect is the adult sector. The 180-POV is so closely related to pornography that looking up that phrase in search engines generally renders adult content. As it stands now, virtual reality porn is one of the most popular genres within the VR sector. Some would even go as far as saying that it is the reason why VR is becoming so popular. And why it is being integrated into the dating industry so much. This started happening the moment dating sites recognized the potential impact VR adult content was having. Using that ideology, companies began investing in VR and started using it as an incentive method in relationships.

Distance becomes moot the moment virtual reality is implemented. A perfect example is how two people who live in different parts of the world can come together using VR. Even if they have never met, the two can hook up or unite in a virtual reality ‘room.’ These portals allow the individuals to interact, chat and see the other person. More importantly, folks can become someone completely different if they wish. All it takes is creating an avatar or character of their choosing. There are apps which allow people to use their faces and superimpose them on characters. Since the process allows interactiveness, the outcomes between participants have no boundaries.

Furthermore, by using the right equipment, folks can touch one another. Or at least feel certain sensations which mimic actual touching. Tesla suits and teledildonic gadgets allow this process to take place. Using these toys even lets people who are far away from each other engage in virtual reality sex. That latter aspect is why some are speculating that VR technology may change – or is already improving – relationships. Participants can bring in many other people into their VR realm. This takes the entire ‘safe sex’ definition to an entirely different level.

Those caught up in long distance relationships can truly appreciate VR technology. Also, anyone who is presently away from their loved ones. VR technology is changing relationships the same way texting, chatting and webcams changed it decades ago. Virtual reality implements those same elements; except that it takes them to far higher degrees via its immersiveness. Those who are in relationships or like meeting new people from other parts of the world enjoy VR. The same for people who like texting, instant messaging, talking on the phone and video chatting. One can perform all these things, but at a significantly higher level when using VR.

Today, dozens of industries are using virtual reality to promote and sell their products and services. A person can view a product in 3D, 360-degrees and life-like rendition from wherever they are. All done without ever having to visit any store. This is the same thing that is happening for people who are dating or in relationships. For example, if you are on a trip away from your girlfriend or wife, seeing her is crucial. Being intimate or attempting to be so is also essential. More so if you have both been separated for long periods.

Through virtual reality, she can put on sexy lingerie and model for you. But unlike regular video, it will seem as if you can touch her via VR and vice versa. Better yet, you can give one another sexual pleasure using the right VR capable sex toys. The most promising aspect of virtual reality as it pertains to dating is that it is still evolving. That means things are only likely to get better for the dating sector and its participants.

(This is a guest post from my friend Davis. – Enzo)

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