Has the internet changed the way we have sex?

The internet has changed society in many ways. Both good and bad have come from it, as anyone with a few minutes to spare can tell. Or we could say that our own good and bad sides are reflected back to us on our screens.

We could argue over the general influence the introduction of the internet to everyday life has had on us all, but one thing we can all agree on is that this technology has brought sex into our homes like never before. The fact that you’re reading this website right now proves that!

There are now all kinds of websites and apps dedicated to sex in one way or another. Even the horniest guys on earth with an unending supply of free time could never exhaust the full range of sexually related entertainment now available at the tap of a finger.

At the same time, I have noticed a disturbing trend in recent years. There is a gang of guys who stay locked up in their houses jacking off to videos of hot horny women in between long sessions of slagging off females as if they were an evil force in the universe that needs to be defeated by the power of lonely male bitterness. I don’t know if these dudes have always been around and just gained the ability to spread their poison in the world without leaving their mom’s basement thanks to the internet, or if they are in fact a new movement to be reckoned with.

The sad truth is that a lot of these guys probably wouldn’t even believe that there are actually horny girls all over the world. Since they’re busy using their internet connected devices to watch porn and hate on women they have no idea that with just a few taps or clicks they could be connected to be a bunch of hot horny chicks with the very same equipment.

I have already written a lot of posts on the topic of finding women for sex on the internet. Some of those posts have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. That shows me that all hope is not lost for the dick wielding half of our species, falling birth rates in developed countries be damned.

Some guys are still manly enough to carry on in search of fertile soil to plow. They ready their tools to bury their seeds deep in the holes of the other half. Hope is not lost!

Sure the goal is not always or even usually the propagation of the species anymore, but that’s besides the point. I am just glad testosterone isn’t truly dead and buried in the piles of discarded souls made up of the remnants of man like dudes who never go outside except to sign off on Amazon orders. Or grass munchers who no interest in real life women but obsess over 2 dimensional cartoons and plastic figurines.

The hormones of a chosen few continue to rage like the flames of a phoenix shooting up from the ashes. They serves as jet fuel to charge up the chargeable in their never ending pursuit of hot horny women.

A lot of these dudes, which of course includes your truly, have found that horny mature women are among the easiest babes to bed. In some cases the cougar and MILF chasing might have gone to far, but that’s a topic that I would rather address elsewhere.

It’s enough to say that despite the sexless weirdos who have given up on human contact and the women who drive away men with their oversized and under-washed asses, there is still an intercourse of the human species going on every day that leads to well, human intercourse. Through the internet that sort of thing can happen.

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