Jacking off to live sex shows is still fun

Some things never get old. Lemonade, a walk on a white sandy beach, and beating your meat to live sex shows at PrivateCamz. I mean who who could really get tired of any of this? Certainly not a citrus loving, beaching going, bologna bopping guy like me!

Regulars here must already know that I blow loads on a very regular basis. In fact yesterday was the first day I didn’t crack off of a wad in close to a year. I had to take a rest after five straight days of three or more orgasms left me high and dry. But now I am right back at it with hand in fist and screen locked on to a firm plump Asian ass end on my screen.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve shot a fair amount of spunk watching live cam shows over the year. Sure I stick my cock into plenty of pussies. But I still make sure to give myself plenty of attention too. Self loving is an integral part of an all around life as a man on this planet. So when I am doing the knuckle shuffle while watching naked chicks ride dildos I am just doing my part!

Some of the stuff I see on live cam shows is even more hardcore than what I get up to in my own life. I mean I’ve had sex with three women in the same day, or even at the same time. But I’ve never seen a woman stick her fist up her own ass in person. That is something I have only viewed through the safety of a glass screen. I still don’t even know if I am into it, but watching that in real time was definitely an experience!

There’s something about watching live sex shows from the privacy of your place that can’t be matched in person. I mean I’ve seen the ping pong shows and ice cube launchers from Tijuana to Pattaya but it never really turned me on. Yet watching a thick Latina mom with well defined tan lines get pumped by a piston powered dildo had me on full edge today.

This is also one of the only places where I have ever found a full selection of Indian live sex show models in my life. Although India is the most populated country on earth I barely encounter any Desi babes anywhere I go. There was that one chick in the strip club in the middle of America and those chubby grannies in the alley in Kuala Lumpur. But that is about the extent of. I am pleased to say that I found three dozen genuine Indian models on this cam site though. One had a big firm rack that looked like it was filled to the brim with milk. Boy do I like that! I hopped right in the chat and typed “feed me mama” because cranking my shaft to the show.

Life can be tough but it was it is. Things like live sex shows make this existence just a little more bearable. So whenever I am stressed out and looking for a quick and easy way to let off steam without leaving my house I often go right to the live shows. Can you blame me?

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