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Mother’s Day passed by a few weeks ago. It brought some opportunities for horny guys that you might not have expected. For example, there was a set of Mother’s Day sales for guys like me that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Luckily there are other opportunities that are available every day of the year. There’s the chance to score sex with a mom and daughter tag team that only a select few have succeeded in doing. Much easier is digging into some Foxy MILFs chat.

foxy milfs

That’s easier than you might think for a few reasons. One is obviously technology. Anyone can now broadcast themselves live around the world whenever they want. That includes a lot of MILFs who are embracing technology that wasn’t even around when they were born to show their developed bodies to horny dudes all around the globe. A lot of them are doing that through mediums such as the Foxy MILFs chat site.

The site is nice looking with a cool clean logo and more importantly chat room after chat room featuring naked chicks. They do a lot more than just sit around in the nude most of the time too. They are active. They have to be. People aren’t going to chip in money to see them just sit there, especially when the shows are actually free to watch. Dudes only break out their wallets and credit cards when they know they can get something special out of a show. Usually that’s some kind of special request like “hey mama, put your legs behind your head and sing something by Reba McEntire.”

Well, it’s not always like that. Some guys just want to show appreciation so they tip tokens to their favorite mature ladies for whatever reason. Hopefully it’s not due to an Oedipus Complex, but you never know. Who am I to judge anyway? I’m the kind of guy that shuns the exceptionally popular Hooters franchise and hangs out in grimy whorehouses instead. It’s all relative I guess.

foxy milfs

Relative to MILFs and their only antics is the Foxy MILFs blog where things get covered in more detail. I never gave much of a thought to Snapchat as an avenue for horny older broads until I read a post there talking about exactly that. I may slip my Snapchat to the next curvy older waitress who brings me food at a diner now. Then again, I probably won’t but it’s good to know that the option is out there.

For many the ease of just opening a phone or computer and hitting a website surpasses much else. You can’t really blame guys, especially in this day and age. I still mostly pound the pavement in order to find some real live chicks to pound out, but I’m certainly not above jerking one out while watching live sex shows on the internet. Even when the women in the shows are actually moms I can still get into it if things are otherwise right. That’s right on, isn’t it?

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