Mia sex toy review

Did you ever wish you could switch a chick’s pussy? You know, maybe you met a really nice woman but her twat wasn’t tight enough. Or it wasn’t clean enough. Maybe it was decent but you were just tired of pumping it after a certain amount of time. The Coolidge Effect is a real thing and men have an inborn need for variety. Especially when it comes to cunt.

But there’s really no way to change a pussy. Those rumors about ginger and vinegar are just old wives tales. So normally a guy will just step out and try to get some strange to break up the boredom. Or he will break up with the woman all together.

With this new torso style sex toy called Mia that isn’t necessary. That’s because Mia comes with three different pussies that can swapped out at the drop of a time. You literally just reach in, pull out one cunt, and push in another. Then you’re ready to fuck an entirely new hole!

A nice big ass with fresh puss

To the uninitiated this might sound wild. But I am no stranger to the kinky. And I’m not ashamed to use male sex toys either. There’s nothing wrong with using a well designed sex toy to get some pleasure and release in your life. Especially one that feels so good to screw.

The Mia sex toy is no joke. At 19.2 pounds, this is a full on pair of ass cheeks. They move and shake like you wish your girlfriend’s ass did. Plus you can go to town on this thing. Smack it, fuck it, rub your rock hard schlong all over it. Just get ready for the wiggle!

jiggly ass sex toy

Best of all when you are done you can just slide out the cunt and wash it out with some soap and water. Let it dry and you’re ready for some more action whenever you want to get busy. It’s easier than even the slutiest of real chicks. So whether you are trapped in some desert devoid of sex or you just want to get a nut of this is definitely an awesome choice.

What about the size? Mia’s ass is almost 36 inches around. Meanwhile her waist is only 22 inches. We’re talking about a model quality form with a backed up backside here. Calling all ass lovers, your object of affection has arrived. This thing looks like the ass end in a perwoopar video.

All about the Mia sex toy

Mia is an incredibly designed sex toy straight out of the genius minds of Asia. As with many things in the modern world, Asia has run away with the lead when it comes to male sex toys. They have all the best and brightest stuff for getting guys off. I have to put this round jelly ass end right at the top of that list too.

ass shaped sex toy for men

Right out of the box you see this big round wobbly ass. It’s the kind you would follow down the street in a hypnotized state. Except this pair of cheeks isn’t trapped behind the walls of some skin tight yoga pants. This is a totally liberated booty that is built solely for your own satisfaction. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.

Mia comes with three removable vagina types:

  • Beginner
  • Regular
  • Super stimulating

It also has a built in butthole that you can pump.

You already know that me and my hyperactive dick stroked all four holes right off the bat. Then I came back and put them all through their paces again and again. That’s the only way to get a real scientific sample for a review like this. Plus my balls stay fully loaded. As hot as it has been lately I was more than glad to stay home and fuck my own personal holes rather than go out into the blazing inferno and try to chase down some tail.

I like all of the holes here. The regular is probably my favorite but I don’t mind busting off up Mia’s tight turd cutter either. The beginner hole is best for those early morning sessions when my wood is thick and throbbing. It’s a little less intense. But the super stimulating hole is the opposite. If I want to get a third or forth nut of the night off I just reach for that thing and it gets me over the finish line. It really is super stimulating.

Is it worth it?

After extensive research I have been able to draw some final conclusions on the Mia torso. The first is that this thing is awesome. If you would have given me one of these things when I was younger I might never have left the house! This thing is damn close to fucking a real chick with a round ass. Except that finding a woman with a thin waist and round ass ratio like this is incredibly tough. The last one I found that was in a Bangkok go go bar way back in 2015!

Secondly the Mia is more than worth the price. It’s a few hundred bucks but this thing will provide years of enjoyment. Plus you get three different cunts and a specially design sphincter to wreck with your rock hard wang! If you tried to go out and buy four separate strokers you would spend a hell of a lot more.

Third, Mia is probably the easiest toy of this size to clean. The biggest problem with life size toys is that they are heavy. After you bust your nut in a giant sex doll you then have to drag it into the shower and wash the thing off. With Mia you just slide out her slit and you’re good to go. This is a major bonus is my view. You can tell the dudes who designed this knew exactly what they were doing. This is certainly not their first attempt at making a male sex toy.

If you are thinking about buying a real life bootylicious sex toy then you couldn’t really do better than Mia. This is a top of the line toy with all the features you could ever want. I love Mia and I am willing to bet that you will too.

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