Mother’s Day sales for men like me, and probably you too

Mother’s Day is on the way. If you’re from North America you should’ve already got your mom something unless you’re a last minute type of guy or for some reason or another don’t want to be a good son. Long ago my mom told me that the only thing she wanted for me was to be happy. So I’ve been on the road screwing countless chicks ever since!


Of course I got my mom something, but that’s neither here nor there. Or at least it’s not something to discuss here with the kind of people that read this site, assuming you all are even half the horny I am. This is ‘my sexpedition’ not ‘my mom rendition’.

So what about us? The chosen few with hard dicks and an urge to use them. Well we could go on like we always do on any other day. Or we could take a break from the action on the holiday. No matter what, we can all take advantage of some mother’s day sales for men that at least some people would probably call strange.

Asian MILFs

The first sales I have to mention are the Asian MILFs sales at Tuk Tuk Patrol, Trike Patrol and the legendary Asian Sex Diary. Anyone who knows about this site probably knows about these sites since I mention them frequently. All three are even mentioned on my lists of the best Thai porn and the best Filipina porn. Asian Sex Diary is on both lists!

Asian Sex Diary mother's day sale

Most guys probably don’t want to pay for porn any more, but in some cases it just makes sense. I like to have access to these sites in particular because they constantly crank out the kind of material I like to see: hot Asian chicks from countries I frequent getting banged in all kinds of ways. It’s quick and easy and it costs the prices of a few coffees. What’s not to love?

Especially now that they’re running an “Reduced Rate Asian MILF mother’s Day Sale.” If you join any of these sites before Sunday, May 13 (Mother’s Day), you get a whopping fifty percent off your first month! The prices are pretty fair to begin with so this is a real deal. If I wasn’t a member of these sites already, I’d be signing up now. At least for a month!

You don’t even have to watch the Asian MILF videos on those sites. Sure they’re good, but there are plenty of hot chicks between the ages of eighteen and twenty three on there too. There’s something for everyone, or at least those of us attracted to awesome Asian babes.

Happy Mama Day?

The online super shopping center for the wide world of Japanese sex products known as Kanojo Toys is also running a sale. There’s is called “Happy Mama Day!” There’s something off about that name, but I can still work with it. Ten percent off any and all sex related products from Japan? Count me in.

Asian MILF panties

All this week and until mother’s day concludes on Sunday, the great folks at Kanojo Toys are offeringt ten percent off of all their products to anyone who types in the discount code mothersday at checkout. The discount code is a little weird considering what you’re probably going to be buying, but if you can get past that you can save some serious dough. That’s what I’ll be doing at least.

Don’t worry, I won’t be ordering anything for my mom (or yours). I will probably stock up on things like micro thin Japanese condoms and high quality lubes though. You can never have too much of that stuff, whether you spend your days fucking or fapping.

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