6 sites like Asian Sex Diary

Asian Sex Diary may be the single best porn website of the internet era. At the very least it is one of the most notable and popular. For those who don’t know, ASD is based on the sexual adventures of a guy named John Tron. After getting divorced he headed to Asia where he recorded himself having sex with different chicks. Once he posted the first videos the response was incredible. That led him to set up Asian Sex Diary. The site started in 2012 and remains incredibly active today with regular updates.

My Sexpedition launched in 2014. I can’t say that I was directly inspired by Asian Sex Diary but I certainly knew of the site’s existence. I would be lying if I said I haven’t stroked my rod to John Tron’s many conquests. This guy has fucked a lot of hot chicks, plus plenty of ugly ones too. They come from the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and even Indonesia.

Now it is well known that Indo chicks have some of the best bodies in Asia. But it’s also an outwardly conservative country with a notoriously byzantine legal system. So John Tron made headlines when he shot scenes there. I told you this website was notable!

But is Asian Sex Diary the only site of its kind? I know of several sites that fit into the sexual adventure mold. They feature a steady stream of mainly amateur women who appear in just one or two videos then go back to their normal lives. A lot of the women featured on these sites are actually hotter than the average “porn star” these days. They are definitely worth checking out. Have a look at this list of sites like Asian Sex Diary and see for yourself.

1. Monger in Asia

monger in asia compared with asian sex diary

Monger in Asia is based around the sexual adventures of a guy fucking various chicks in Thailand the Philippines. He sets up a camera and does a bunch of different chicks. Then he uploads the footage to his site. Does this sound familiar? Well familiar it is! But it is also a little different due to the women who appear and the settings of the videos.

You see a varied stream of ladies on Monger in Asia. But they tend towards the hottest of the crop. There are lots of beautiful women great natural bodies. Some even look like models. Though he does through in a granny or two for good measure. Creampies, pregnant chicks, threesomes, Asian maids and more all appear at Monger in Asia. That’s why I subscribe to the site even if it does share similarities with the Asian Sex Diary.

2. Creampie in Asia

Creampie In Asia review

What would a site like Asian Sex Diary look like if it was run by a Japanese dude? This is a question we don’t really have to ask. We already have the answer in the form of Creampie in Asia. This site follows a Japanese dude who finds, fucks, and creampies chicks from Asia. It is about as close to ASD as you can get. The only real difference is the guy doing the dicking.

I started to see some of this guy’s videos several years ago. Then I discovered the actual Creampie in Asia website. It was pure gold. Although he follows the adventure videography style, the guy who runs this website is also selective about who he puts his dick in. The result is that he ends up fucking some of the best looking Thai chicks I have ever seen on video. If the average Thai go go dancer looked like Mine, I would spend a lot more time in Nana Plaza!

3. Tuk Tuk Patrol

Thai sex diary

Tuk Tuk Patrol is a dedicated Thai porn site featuring nothing but women from the land of smiles. Although this site is based in Thailand the format is somewhat similar to the Asian Sex Diary. The dudes at Tuk Tuk Patrol find Thai chicks, pick them up in tuk tuks, then fuck them and record it. The videos are all posted on the Tuk Tuk Patrol site for dick beaters like me and you to enjoy.

John Tron has definitely done a lot of Thai chicks over the years on ASD. But an entirely different crop of women appear on Tuk Tuk patrol. If you’re as into Thai women and porn as I am then you can’t really pass over Tuk Tuk Patrol. This is must see pornography for real connoisseurs of Asian adult content.

4. Trike Patrol

trike patrol filipina sex site

When it comes to making porn in the Philippines, Trike Patrol is the clear leader. The dudes at Trike Patrol have been picking up Pinay chicks and fucking them on video since 2006. They have a very long and storied track record that has made them the “Filipina Porn Authority.”

While John Tron has fucked and filmed tons of Flip chicks over the years we have to give credit where credit is due. Trike Patrol is a pioneer of the Filipino adult video industry. They risked it all to bring out the best of what so many dick beaters affectionately call little brown fucking machines.

5. Creampie Thais

Is Creampie Thais like Asian Sex Diary?

I would like to say that Creampie Thais is a lot like some of the other sites on this list. But it would be more accurate to say that some of the sites on this list are a lot like Creampie Thais. This website has been online since 2004! That means it predates almost all of the southeast Asia based porno sites by quite a bit.

Creampie Thais speaks for itself. Here is what the homepage said almost twenty years ago: “Tired of stuck up bitches that want gifts, dinners, money all of your fuckin’ time and attention? Did you ever want to just want to find a little SUBMISSIVE fuck toy and fill her full of your man seed? At Creampie Thais, I do just that. I pick up hot Thai whores off the streets of Thailand. In clubs, supermarkets, the beach and off the streets, I wreck their young slick pussies and fill them full of my spunk.”

6. Euro Sex Diary

Euro Sex Diary

Euro Sex Diary is the newest site on this list. It is also the most like Asian Sex Diary. That makes sense since it is run by the same dude! Euro Sex Diary takes the successful and ground breaking ASD model and applies it to Europe where there are still plenty of sexy chicks with good bodies. From there it’s all bareback action with attractive European chicks from the first person point of view. What more could you ask for?

Anyone who thinks that western chicks are all fat, ugly and miserable in this day and age only has to view Euro Sex Diary to get their facts straight. Just be forewarned that watching John bang smoking hot chicks like Sunny may also make your prick straighten out and stiffen. The site certainly has that effect on me!

I am just waiting for an African Sex Diary site to pop up. Or even one from Latin America. Sure we have sites like African Sex Trip and Latina Fuck Tour, but they aren’t up to the level of John Tron and his legendary Asian Sexy Diary yet.

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