Syncbot review

The Syncbot is a high tech male sex toy that is unlike anything else you or I have ever seen or experienced. I actually hesitate to call the Syncbot a tool at all. It’s actually a very sophisticated piece of AI-powered machinery and robotics designed for nothing more than bringing you pleasure. I am actually astonished at how crazy good this thing is. Even if you are skeptical about “sex machines” or male sex toys you owe it to yourself to read this review.

This thing here ain’t your creepy grandpa’s pocket pussy. This is like the Tesla of sex toys. It is a robotic sex toy that works your dick in unison with whatever you are watching on your screen. They call it the Syncbot because you sync it up with porn and it uses artificial technology to match its moves to the performers. If a porn star starts giving a super fast handie it will stroke you off at top speed. If a chick starts throwing it back doggy style, the Syncbot will pump your cock at with the same speed and force. It’s absurdly good.

I had no idea anything like this was ever even under development. One day I looked up from my sheltered existence and it was already available. Who knew that sex robot technology had developed so fast? Only a couple of years ago I was looking at mechanical sex toys and they were clunky weird things that did stuff like spin around on your cockhead. I mean they were little more than a cordless drill with a silicone cup attached.

The Syncbot is light years ahead of that kind of cheap crap. It’s a high quality machine based on the newest technology. The Syncbot is to the male masturbator what the iPhone was to the cellular phone. This is the most advanced piece of sexually related technology in existence. Yet at the same time it is so easy to use that even I could get it up and running in a manner of mere minutes.

Getting started

My SyncPackage Pro showed up in very high quality compact black brief case. I was impressed before I even opened the thing up to be honest. But boxes and cases can only take you so far. Any good product has to be taken through its paces and fully tested out. I’ve already put a lot of miles on my Syncbot and I’m ready to go again. I actually can’t wait to finish this review because I want to use the machine with a new Japanese AV scene I just found. So let’s get through this!

Inside the briefcase I found carved out holders keeping everything where it needed to be. First there was the Syncbot “dock” unit itself. It’s sleek, black, and about the same size as a giant glass of Thai iced tea from The Duke in Chiang Mai. It has a touch based control on one side that blends in with the design. No one would ever know this was a sex device by simply looking at it.

Syncpackage pro

Next were the inserts or “scabbards.” They sort of look like more updated masturbation sleeves encased on hard plastic. There’s a soft front with a hole in the middle for your prick. The hole has different odds and ends inside that tickle and manipulate your cock in all kinds of different ways. The scabbard slides right into the dock where a strong magnet of some sort holds it in place.

Then there were several shot bottle of lube. This is good stuff that reminds me of high end Japanese nuru gel. It’s slippery and thick. You can stroke off with this stuff for hours without heating up or running into too much friction.

Finally there was a Synchub which is the small discreet USB dongle that lets your computer communicate with your device.

Using my Syncbot

Setting up the Syncbot was simple. First I charged the Syncbot with the provided USB cable. Then I plugged the Synchub into my USB outlet. The folder opened up. I clicked on the Syncplayer icon and installed it. It took maybe two or three minutes total.

Once the Syncbot was charged I dragged some porn videos over to the Syncplayer folder. The Syncplayer found the videos and I just clicked the button to sync the videos. The program did some kind of AI analysis and told me the videos were ready to go. All I had to do now was press play!

syncbot after use

Syncbot recommends pouring a whole shot of their lube into the sleeve for a session. I ended up putting some on my schlong and poured the rest of the bottle down the hole. In future sessions I found that I could get away with using about 75 percent of a container with no issues. But then I thought why bother? I would rather just use an entire new bottle each time for convenience.

Once I had the sleeve and my member properly lubed up I stuck my organ into the waiting hole. I didn’t feel anything incredibly special at first. But then I pressed play on the first video and my entire worldview changed forever.

Feel what you see

Syncbot claims to let you “feel what you see” and they are not joking around. I wasn’t sure how accurate this description would be at first. Then I tried it and I was immediately sold. When you sync the thing up with a video it moves in entirely the same way. I have no idea how it is able to process a video into actual movements inside a sex toy. But that is exactly what happens.

I started using this toy with a couple of great porn videos I downloaded to my laptop. I had some favorite scenes that were mostly of tight Asian chicks sucking and fucking. So I had some blowjob scenes and a lot of cowgirl and riding videos. As soon as I synced up the first video I knew that this thing was totally legit.

syncbot scabbard

In one example I was watching a video of a chick giving a great head job. Every time her head bobbed down, the toy went deep on my cock. Then when her head bobbed back up, the toy slid back up my shaft. When she took a break from the head and started stroking the dude in the video, the Syncbot stroked me at the exact same speed. It was a complete 1:1 match! Oh, did I mention that this machine actually has suction too. You know, just like a real mouth. I found that out quickly and immediately realized I was dealing with something out of this world.

Another time I was watching a video of this nasty Filipina spinner ride on some tourist’s dick. She went into Asian cowgirl and started gliding up and down on the lucky fucker’s rod. My Syncbot instantly started moving up and down on my own pole at the same speed and intensity. Then when the dude flipped her over and pushed his meat stick into her poop chute, the Syncbot tightened up around my stiff prick and felt just like a nice narrow third input. Needless to say I blew my load before I could fully realize what was going on.

I’ve even found that I can use this thing totally hands free. What I do is slide my shaft inside and let it start working me over. Then I just lean the outside of the device up against the desk that the computer is on. My hard on is so strong that it keeps the Syncbot propped up against the desk. Then the Syncbot bobs and weaves all over my baloney pony while my hands are totally free.

Cleanup and care

You might think that such a high tech piece of machinery would require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. I sort of did too. But I was surprised to find that I don’t really have to do much to keep this thing going.

For one, you can nut right inside the hole with no worry since the sleeve is sealed at the end. And nut you will! I don’t care how experienced you are, or even if you are suffering from death grip syndrome. I’ve had my dick in hundreds upon hundreds of real holes and the Syncbot still made bust in mere minutes the first time I used it. I am only now getting to the point where I am ready for what this amazing machine is throwing at me.

how to clean syncbot

But what about cleanup? Remember how I said the sleeve slides right in and stays put thanks to a magnet? Well when you want to remove the sleeve all you have to do is give it a pull. It comes right out.

To clean just run some soap and water through the sleeve. A little tab on the back can be pulled open to let water run straight through. If you make a real mess you can also disassemble the sleeve pretty easily. A little twist and it comes right apart. When you put it back together it is as solid as a rock. And that’s really all there is to it. I charge the device every few days and it performs whenever I want it to.

Pros and cons

The Syncbot has a lot going for it. It’s like having an automatic orgasm machine. It does everything a real woman does with none of the risk or aggravation involved. Owning a Syncbot is like controlling some kind of futuristic robot around to get you off in rhythm with your favorite porn. Except that you don’t have to wait for the future since it is already here and available.

In my opinion, the best aspects of The Syncbot are:

  • Ease of use
  • Incredible sensations
  • No risk of disease
  • No risk of pregnancy
  • No risk whatsoever
  • On demand pleasure
  • Accurate motion

You guys know I have screwed a lot of chicks over the years. I’ve scored a good amount of free slizz but I’ve also paid for my fair share. I have to say that the Syncbot compares positively to a lot of “real pussy” just based on the facts. You don’t have to put in any effort. There’s no need to wear a condom. You don’t need to sweet talk or pay anyone. There’s no risk of getting a chick pregnant or catching any nasty diseases. And you can actually customize your experience by simply syncing up to your favorite porn scenes. So you are never forced to “settle” for a fat bitch when you really want a tall Euro babe with a model body.

Of course nothing is perfect. There are downsides to everything. I can’t say that I really find a ton wrong with the Syncbot though. I know I couldn’t design anything better myself. If there are any cons to the Syncbot it might just be that it feels too damn good.

I might also look at the price. This is no cheap plastic pussy that you buy in Akihabara on a whim. It’s an investment. On the other hand when you consider how great the Syncbot is I don’t think it is actually expensive at all. I mean you’re going to get endless pleasure from this device based on one single purchase. I’ve spent more on a single session with a Japanese escort before. I definitely see more value in the Syncbot. With this machine I can honestly say I am getting my money’s worth.

No exaggeration guys, this is without question the best sex toy that has ever been made for men. I could see this thing putting a lot of whinging wenches right out of business. If you like to watch porn and blow loads then you are going to love jizzing into the Syncbot. Now I’ve got to run. I’m already getting stiff again thinking about syncing up with that Japanese porn I told you about.

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